Elite Dangerous update 1.50 deploys bug fixes

Frontier Developments have released their newest update for giant space-faring sim, Elite Dangerous.

Patch 1.50 is now available on consoles as of September 8th, bringing with it a small clutch of changes outlined in PC version 3.7.05.


This latest Elite Dangerous patch offers nothing in terms of new content, instead ironing out a few known issues including one which reportedly led to game crashes in previous versions of the game.

You can read the full patch notes for Elite Dangerous update 1.50 below via the official Frontier forums:

Crashes & stability

  • Fixed an issue when reading inbox messages in Supercruise caused the game to crash

Fleet Carriers

  • Fixed a bug causing delays and disconnections when entering a location with Fleet Carriers present
  • Fixed a UI focus issue which allowed players to sell ships in the background while using Carrier Management


  • Stopped depleted motherlode asteroids from respawning when a player flies a Ship-Launched Fighter beyond its maximum limit

For those lapsed players whose ships are now collecting dust in the hangar bay, there’s a new Elite Dangerous expansion that might rekindle your interest.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be launching in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Here’s what you need to know:

Odyssey will bring with it newly enhanced rock and ice planets. Rocky planets will now be covered in more realistic canyons, ridges and barren seas, while ice planets bring with them the risk of cryovulcanism. However, across the board, your interactions with planets will be transformed.

Planets will be able to have light atmospheres, tapping into data that Frontier already had for each planet and now presenting it to players. They will also be able to play host to buildings and settlements that are on a “human scale” compared to the scope and size of the planetary bodies that they’re built upon.

But the real focus is in letting you truly appreciate the scale of the first time. They want to capture the “Neil Armstrong moment” of stepping outside of your space ship for the first time, beholding just how big your craft is, and feel the cold void of space through hearing the breathing of your character in their space suit.

Source: Frontier Forums (via MP1st)

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