Xbox Game Pass for PC leaves beta (and gets more expensive) on 17th September

After more than a year spent labelled as a beta, Microsoft are fully launching Xbox Game Pass for PC and the new Xbox App for Windows on 17th September. This will, of course, mean an end to the promotional price point that Game Pass for PC has enjoyed since the middle of last year.

Xbox Game Pass for PC will cost £7.99 per month from 17th September onwards, with the £3.99 price point fading into the sunset at that point. However, new subscribers can still try their first month for £1, and Game Pass for PC is still bundled into with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, alongside the console game library and Xbox Live Gold.


Later this year, Game Pass for PC and Game Pass Ultimate will also expand to include an EA Play membership, folding in 60 EA games into into the library. So alongside the evolving Halo: The Master Chief Collection and recent PC games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Wasteland 3 and Crusader Kings 3, you’ll then find FIFA 20, Titanfall 2 and classics like Dead Space, Mass Effect and Crysis. It’s more than just games, giving members 10-hour free trials of new titles a little in advance of their release, discounts on games to keep, and other member-only content and benefits.

Just to be sure, we reached out to Microsoft to confirm the beta pricing would be coming to an end. A Microsoft spokesperson said:

Both Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Xbox App become generally available September 17. New Xbox Game Pass for PC members can try their first month for $1, and existing members will keep their current pricing for the next billing cycle. After that, Xbox Game Pass for PC will be available for £7.99 a month. We worked with the PC gaming community to evolve both of these throughout their beta availability, and look forward to continuing that partnership as we iterate on what the future of PC gaming looks like from Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass for PC originally opened its doors in June of last year, at the time running out of the Microsoft Store app in Windows 10. However, it seems that a major part of the effort before Microsoft could shed the beta label has been the need to build a new Xbox App for PC. This has been in public testing for the last few months, providing a much more cohesive view into the Game Pass library, as well as letting you more easily browse games to buy and folding in the social friends lists, chat and messaging elements from Xbox Live – important if cross-platform multiplayer is to continue to expand.

The new Xbox App also showcases the new Fluent Design language that Microsoft are adopting for the revised Xbox user experience coming to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and mobile apps later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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