Marvel’s Avengers missing Pattern reward bug – is there a fix?

When playing Marvel’s Avengers, you will come across bonus items and rewards alongside the loot you earn by pummeling enemies or completing specific missions.

One type of item that is highly sought after by players are Patterns. You may have some of these sitting in your inventory, wondering what they’re actually used for.


For now, it’s probably best to leave these Patterns where they are. Since Marvel’s Avengers launched, players have reported that they aren’t receiving rewards when cashing in their Patterns. More on that further.

Those who have played through most of the Avengers story campaign will know what Patterns are used for as part of a mid-game tutorial.

Patterns are similar to Destiny’s Engrams. Think of them as a different kind of loot box or reward chest, though one that only contains a single cosmetic item. Patterns come in three different flavours including blue, purple, and gold, indicating rare, epic, legendary rarity levels.

You can cash in or decrypt these Patterns by visiting the Technology Lab within the Chimera Helicarrier social space. You can find this area of the ship as you head to the hangar from the War Table – it’s the first room on your left. If lost, hit up on your controller’s d-pad to reveal the location of the Fabrication Machine.

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Cosmetic items will only change the appearance of your Avengers as well as your in-game profile. This includes costumes, some of which require hours of grinding or a hefty sum of real money to acquire. It’s no wonder why players are frustrated at the current Pattern bug.

At present there is no fix or workaround for this issue. At the time of writing, we used both a rare and epic Pattern at the Fabrication Machine, neither of them being exchanged for rewards. Developers Crystal Dynamics have advised players not to use Patterns at this time at the risk of losing out on potential rewards.

According to the studio, they are still looking into the matter. It’s unclear whether missing rewards will be restored retroactively but here’s hoping.

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