Beat Saber multiplayer will be landing in October

Beat Games Studio has announced that Beat Saber will be getting multiplayer on October 13th. With the multiplayer aspect players will be able to create their own avatars, and play against friends or strangers online. The multiplayer will definitely be releasing for PC VR headsets on the 13th of October, but there may be a delay with the PSVR version. That has not been confirmed but Beat Saber Studio has stated PSVR players should be prepared for a possible delay.


Back in May an update to Beat Saber announced 10 new 360°/90° levels each and 26 new One Saber levels for those 18 songs, hitting that 46 beatmap target. This was a free content update so anyone who has Beat Saber can try these new levels out after updating to version 1.10. Last month, Beat Saber got a Linkin Park music pack DLC. Linkin Park Music Pack includes the tracks:

– Bleed it Out
– Breaking the Habit
– Faint
– Given Up
– In the End
– New Divide
– Numb
– One Step Closer
– Papercut
– Somewhere I Belong
– What I’ve Done

Songs can be purchased separately at £1.69 each or you can save a bit of cash by grabbing the full Music Pack DLC for £11.49. Aside from having new music to slice and dice away to, you’ll have access to Link Park themed stage visuals.

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