Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition has been announced, enhancing the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (and S), and adding a new playable character. The game will be available digitally at their respective launches – so 10th November for Xbox and 12th November for PS5 – with physical release to follow.

In addition to giving fans what they want by making Vergil playable, Capcom are dramatically enhancing the RE Engine that powers the game. You’ll be able to play at up to 120fps in a performance mode, or stick with 4K and add things like more lifelike reflections, shadows and lighting through the use of ray tracing. Enhanced 3D audio will also be added into the mix so you can really pinpoint exactly where enemies are.

The game will also have new game modes, such as the Legendary Dark Knight Mode – “a new difficulty level which promises to keep even the most seasoned devil hunters on their toes by pitting their skills and style against a Crazy amount of enemies” – and Turbo Mode, which makes the game 20 percent faster.

And then there’s Vergil, who you can play through the whole game with, and also comes in a new Bloody Palace challenge mode. The Vergil content will also be made available for current gen systems in some €4.99 DLC.

We had super duper good things to say about DMC5 at its original release. Here’s some of Nick’s Devil May Cry 5 review:

“Hideaki Itsuno, my hat goes off to you and your crew. It’s only March, and yet Devil May Cry 5 is another clear Game of the Year contender. The silly arguments on whether the original DMC or DmC is better can stop now, because DMC5 is here and it’s bloody brilliant. This is a proper return to form for the series, something that fans of both can get behind.”

Source: press release

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