A Spanish retailer seems to have leaked the price of the PlayStation 5

We are just eleven hours away from Sony officially confirming the price of the PlayStation 5 but it seems a Spanish retailer may have jumped the gun. A photo of their internal inventory systems shows the price for the Xbox Series X and Series S, both of which we know, and also the two PlayStation 5 models.

It looks like Sony will match the price of the Xbox Series X and it will retail at €499.90, while the all digital disc free version of the console gets knocked down to €399.90. If they follow the same currency conversion model as Microsoft that works out at £449 and £349 respectively.


Another screen from the retailers system was also posted backing up the prices. However they could be placeholders but do seem to be the prices everyone is expecting.

Bloomberg have been reporting that “people familiar with the matter” have suggested that Sony are facing production problems with the PlayStation 5. The problem appears to be with custom built SoC which has production yields of just 50%, or in other words, half of the chips don’t work. It is reported that Sony have been forced to cut the predicted number of consoles available down by 4 million units, dropping from 15 million to 11 million for the fiscal year.

Sony have denied the claims and provided a statement to GamesIndustry.biz. The statement reads, “While we do not release details related to manufacturing, the information provided by Bloomberg is false.We have not changed the production number for PlayStation 5 since the start of mass production.”

The PlayStation 5 Showcase will be taking place today, Wednesday September 16th, at 1pm PDT/9pm BST/10pm CEST. The PlayStation 5 Showcase will last for approximately 40 minutes and will include updates on the games and input from some of the development partners. We are also expecting the showcase to give the official release date and price of the PlayStation 5, following the confirmation of release and prices from Microsoft for the Xbox Series X/S.

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  1. At this point Sony should just announce the prices now and then do the thing tonight to show off the games that justify the price. Otherwise everyone is going to be sat through 40 minutes of games waiting for the price and ignoring the important bits, like the games.

    £349 and £449 is seeming highly likely now though. Which is good. Match the price of the X and squeeze the digital edition right in between the X and S for those that don’t want discs or haven’t got a big pile of PS4 discs they might want to play.

    • Or they could start with the price and then get on with the games?

      • Is it not traditional to reveal things like new hardware or the price at the end of these things?

        But of course, 2020. So who knows what’ll happen. Nobody would be surprised if they showed a bunch of games before 6 of Sony’s top people pulled their faces off to reveal their true lizard form and then the planet exploded.

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