For Honor Y4S3 update adds new map, battle pass, and other features

Ubisoft have unleashed their latest season of For Honor content, available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as well as Google Stadia and UPLAY+.

For Honor Year 4 Season: Resistance adds new content, features, and improvements to Ubisoft’s flagship fighting game alongside the latest battle pass.

Following on from the Y4S2 Tyranny season, Resistance sees the For Honor team attempt to weave more storytelling into their content updates. With Heathmoor ravaged by the Cult of Horkos over the Summer, the four in-game factions have assembled a ragtag force of warriors ready to fight back.

So what does this mean in terms of new For Honor content? First up we have a new limited-time event game mode dubbed Tales of Rebellion. Available until October 8th, this PvE co-op mode will have you and your allies go up against the Warmonger armies in narrative battles.

A free mini battle pass will run alongside Tales of Rebellion with a cluster of rewards for fighters to unlock. There will be a bigger battle pass on top of this too that will run throughout Y4S3, tagged with 100 tiers of rewards.

Sadly there’s no new hero this time around. Ubisoft confirmed going into Year 4 that they would only be adding two new fighters to the roster in 2020 with the Warmonger being recently introduced. There is a new arena map though called The Belvedere, as well as a Team Identification feature. This basically does away with the red vs. blue colour schemes, allowing you to change the appearance of your warriors while outlining them to indicate which team you are on.

Click below for the full list of changes made in For Honor update 2.22.

For Honor Update 2.22 Patch Notes



  • Replaced all dodges effects with a new “dodge shadow effect” for all Heroes
  • All the Heroes now have their own base avatar when they dodge



Capture Zone A

  • The back staircases leading up to the zone have been doubled in width along with the extension of the capture zone area itself, which removes the path that ran along behind
  • A brasero has been added in the middle of the Capture Zone area, which will protect Players from the Ballista

Capture Zone C

  • The entire 2nd floor is no longer part of Capture Zone C anymore. Instead, the 1st floor now is, and has been enlarged considerably
  • The outdoor balcony area has been reduced in size
  • The interior staircases leading to the outdoor balcony area (from spawn) have been widened by 0.5m
  • Ziplines have been added at each tower, to the left and right of the 2nd floor Ballista, connecting to the Lower Ruins
  • Ballista sightlines have been tweaked


  • The duel arena located in the Defender Courtyard has been moved to the 1st floor of the Tower Interior
  • The trap door located on the Exterior Roof of the tower has been removed


  • The brawl arena has been moved from the Tower to the Defender Courtyardr

Developer’s Comment: Sentinel is the map that introduced Ballistas into PvP gameplay in For Honor. Its original design intent was to maximise the use of the Ballistas on the battlefield. Although it provided a very unique experience compared to other maps, it over-relied on camping strategies and navigation between objectives became secondary. With this update we wanted to bring speed and ease of navigation between objectives back to the forefront. It wasn’t our intention to simply remove the Ballistas but make them less attractive as a main strategy.

Capture Zone A was not only one of the smallest Capture Zones in the game but also one of the most dangerous ones, with a prominent ledge and in direct line-of-sight from a Ballista. The back area of the zone was also very underutilized. The new open space allows Players to further distance themselves from the ledge and now provides added cover from the opposing Ballista. The other important change is that the run-distances between the Mid-Lane and Capture Zone C have been shortened considerably by moving the capture area to the entire first floor. Which in turn, no longer allows Players to interact with the ballista on the 2nd floor while still holding the zone. Our aim is to have the Ballista be a choice to consider and not a default action. Up until now, those who were using the ballista but no longer had any targets in sight, felt trapped on the 2nd floor with no easy means to move on to another area. This is where the newly added ziplines come in handy. Enjoy!

Temple Garden

  • Removed the doors at the entrance into the Tomb at Capture Zone A
  • Replaced the standing torches near the two outdoor pillars with wall torches


  • Closed off a ledge on the deck of the Trireme (Mid-lane). Dominion only


Capture Zone C

  • The staircase entrance, coming from the Attacker spawn, has been doubled in width
  • The actual zone has now also been extended in to the dual-entry corridor


  • All Bots should now have improved Stamina management behaviors when fighting in the lane, stopping to regain Stamina before going Out of Stamina and, if Out of Stamina, waiting to have Stamina again before resuming their attacks


  • Decreased the amount of placement matches to 8 (from 15)


  • Orders are now accessible in the pause menu. The LB shortcut in the World Map is still active

Developer’s Comment: We’ve made Orders accessible from anywhere, as it can be useful to have a reminder of what you need do to complete your currently selected Orders before or even during a match. Please note that Orders will not progress in the menu while a game is ongoing as the update is done at the end of the match.

  • Improved the Podium User Interface to better showcase player’s names and emblems
  • Added new icons for players above Reputation 100 and Reputation 1000



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused most Heroes Feint visual effect to be missing or have very low visibility



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warden’s Side Light Combo animation to skip some frames


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri’s “Rei Kick” to be undodgeable if the kick is done on the right after a light attack


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an inconsistency that caused Centurion’s fully charged Jab after a Heavy Finisher to have a tighter dodge window than intended


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Shugoki’s Guard Break counter window was 200ms rather than 300ms



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue in Duel that allowed players to sometime pass through fire


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused some Modifiers to not be displayed in the User Interface


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri to be missing effort grunts on certain moves


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue that caused a white flash when opening and closing the social menu during the faceoff


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warden’s “Vengeful Instigator Helm” to be slightly offset
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shaolin “Qiongqi Chest” side pads to move
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused to “Horkos Sigil” effect to not always play properly
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that cause the Hitokiri’s “Kamaitachi” execution to be missing visual effects
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that cause the Nobushi’s “Snapmare” execution to be offset
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that cause the Valkyrie “Get the Horn” execution to be offset

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