Gears Tactics Xbox Series X|S trailer reveals new playable character

Microsoft has reconfirmed that Gears Tactics will be available on November 10th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. Gears Tactics is now available on Game Pass to preload.

Its console release will come alongside a brand new update for Gears Tactics that will add a new playable character, the droid Jack who will bring new skills such as being able to hijack enemy units. There will also be new enemies that will prove a challenge, new Supreme equipment, and optimised support for controllers. Gears Tactics will run at 60 FPS and 4K on the Xbox Series X.


A brand new Locust Horde Limited Edition Controller and Pro Charging Stand has also been announced, and it will be compatible with the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. You can check out the picture below.

In our review for Gears Tactics, Dom wrote:

There’s a sense that this is Splash Damage and The Coalition playing to the crowd with Gears Tactics. It undoubtedly captures the look and feel of the Gears universe, squeezing it into a slick turn-based tactical game, but while I can see a few genre fans attracted to its more cerebral form of warfare, it’s the series fans who are going to get the most out of it.
You can read the full Gears Tactics review here.
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