Baldur’s Gate 3 early access delayed by one week, but here’s a trailer about romance

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been delayed once again, but not by much. The new release date for the game’s early access is 6th October, just a week after the previously announced date. The early access release will be available for Windows PC and Google Stadia.

To help soothe fans through the trying times, the latest community update video has shifted to give players a glimpse of what they can expect from the game’s romance and companionship features. In other words, Larian have finally talking about sexy times with elves and stuff.


More seriously, they talk about party dynamics and how they react to your choices. The game hopes to capture the breadth of D&D by adapting to the dialogue options you pick, how you engage in combat, and just how you explore the world. For your party, your united by having an Illithid tadpole in your noggin, but you’ll have to overcome your differences in order to survive.

There are hundreds of permutations that determine how your relationships grow, with Larian aiming to create something intimate, authentic and reactive. Much of that will come at the end of a day of adventuring when you set up camp. Here, the party puts down its weapons and talks in cinematic dialogue.

Lead writer Sarah Baylus said, “We are trying to make these relationships feel real and feel like the relationships you have in the real world. You will meet some people who you have nothing in common with, some will be useful to work together but that is going to be the extent of it. But there could be situations where you get on really well, you share similar goals and you love travelling together.”

“We want these relationships to feel like they would in the real world, like you are falling in love with someone or you are falling in like with someone, or you just feel attracted to someone. That should all feel real and authentic.”

Sounds fascinating, and we can’t wait… OK, we can wait to see how it comes together.

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