Squad 1.0 release brings 50v50 battles to the tactical FPS

After five long years in early access, the tactical first person shooter Squad has reached a 1.0 release today, bringing with it an expanded 50v50 game mode.


The game was built as a spiritual successor to the Project Reality mod for the classic PC shooter Battlefield 2, but expanding the experience to encompass teams of 50 players apiece. As in the mod, communication and teamwork is pushed to the fore, with each player choosing particular roles.

The large battle maps are based around locations in Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe, which is pretty de rigeur for the modern day shooter, and within that teams will have to build and fortify bases, set up and protect supplies while battling the enemy. You also have access to armored cars, tanks, personnel carriers, and helicopters.

Squad 1.0 features a new map set in the city of Fallujah and a new Middle-Eastern Alliance faction. There’s also the expanded 50v50 mode, which has been in testing over the last few months. A step up over the 40v40 servers, there will now be 50v50 servers to play from.

Oh, and the game also now has mod support, so if people want to take Squad and turn it back into a more arcade experience like Battlefield, they can!

Source: press release

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