Dead By Daylight update 2.03 improves new Blight killer

Behaviour Interactive have fired up the generators for yet another Dead By Daylight update. Whether you fancy stalking Survivors or working together to thwart a terrifying Killer, you’ll need to download this latest version of the hit horror game.


Dead By Daylight 4.2.2 – which will show up as 2.03 for console players – is a quick bugfix patch that doesn’t add any new content to the game but makes some minor improvements.

Aside from fixing a small list of issues, this new patch has improved the viability of Dead By Daylight’s newest Killer, The Blight. They can now break pallets and other barricades during their Lethal Dash.

All Killers in Dead By Daylight have the same primary actions but are made unique through their combination of powers and other traits, such as passive bonuses. The Blight can store up to 5 tokens allowing them to rush small distances to close the gap with escaping Survivors. However, if you finish this rush by slamming into a wall, you can immediately combo it into another rush, allowing you to cover more ground without pausing. This supercharged rush can also lead into an attack animation (the Lethal Dash).

The Blight and Survivor Felix Richter were both added to the game recently for its newest chapter “Descend Below”. Anyway, here are those patch notes:

Dead By Daylight Update 2.03 Patch Notes

Features & Content

The Blight

  • The Blight can now break pallets and breakable walls by attacking during a Lethal Dash
  • The Blight add-on “Compound 21” has been adjusted, changing the reveal range from 16 meters to 8 meters and the duration of the effect is reduced from 6 seconds to 3 seconds

Bug Fixes


  • Add an Auric Cell expiration message for Japanese promo code users
  • Fix a crash on PS4 that sometimes occurred after loading into a trial


  • Fixed an issue that may cause hooking survivors, breaking pallets and damaging generators to stop shortly after pressing the input
  • Fixed an issue that may cause movement stutters due to network latency
  • Fixed an issue that caused stun durations to be inconsistent across killers
  • Fixed an issue where some instances of the Blight’s injection sequence would allow players to control the pitch of the camera
  • Fixed an issue that caused grabbing survivors out of lockers to be accelerated when using the perk Iron Maiden
  • Fixed an issue that may cause a survivor to be stuck on the hook without being able to do anything

Source: Dead By Daylight

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