Dirt 5’s latest gameplay shows a race taking place in South Africa’s Cape Town Stadium

Codemasters has released some brand new footage for Dirt 5 and this footage shows a race taking place in South Africa’s Cape Town Stadium in an Ultra Cross event. The track itself is a mix of dirt and tarmac and it goes through through the stadium, the parking lot, and the outer area to allow for the mixing up of the surface environment. The gameplay itself shows what Dirt 5 will look like on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The footage is approximately 3 and a half minutes long.


Robert Karp, Development Director, DIRT 5, said:

“Cape Town Stadium in South Africa is ideal for both our Playgrounds custom arena creator mode, and atmospheric, technical and flat-out fun races. Going from the perimeter, through the parking lot and into the stadium is an exhilarating experience.”

Codemasters has confirmed that Dirt 5 will be a launch title for next gen consoles, meaning it will be available on November 10th for Xbox Series X|S, and should be making its way to PS5 on November 12th/November 19th depending on which region you are residing in. The current gen release will be on November 6th. The game was originally expected on 9th October, but this was nudged back by a week to 16th October before this latest delay. Unfortunately for Codemasters, they’ve had to push things back by another couple of weeks.  The next-gen versions will both be enhanced with faster loading times and graphics modes to offer frame rates up to 120Hz on TVs and screens that support this.

There will be a sprawling career mode with 130 events, with nine race types and Throwdown challenges mixed in for good measure, but you can pick your own path through the career. As you race, you earn Stamps that can be spent to unlock the Main Event chapter ending showdown, but you won’t have to take on every event in the career if you don’t want to, meaning you can skip some modes you don’t like so much. Alternatively, if you come up against an event you don’t like the look of, you’ll be able to enlist the help of some friends. The game will feature full on four player split-screen co-op throughout the career, with the best finisher in your group being used to set your progress. Dirt 5 is being developed by Codemasters Chesire, the former Evolution team behind MotorStorm, DriveClub, and OnRush.

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  1. It maybe worth waiting for the PS5 version as there are rumours saying that your PS4 game saves won’t be transferable to PS5. Not just Dirt 5 but all/most games with free upgrade.
    I would be nice if someone from Playstation could let us know if the rumours are true or false.

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