PS5 pre-orders from ShopTo will not reach some customers on launch day

ShopTo has announced that not all PS5 pre-orders will be fulfilled for launch day, after the company received its stock allocation from Sony and the number was less than the pre-orders that the retailer took. Eurogamer was able to get hold of an email that ShopTo was sending out to customers that were told they will not be getting their PS5 day one, and the email says:

“We have received the allocation details from Sony and, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to fulfil your pre-order on day one/release date. Sony may notify us of additional stock with extra allocation for day one and you have already reserved your place in the queue. Some customers may cancel their pre-orders and that may allow yours to be next in line.”


ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta did not state how many PS5s Sony had allocated to ShopTo, but stated he hoped Sony would either allocate more or communicate when they would receive the next batch to fulfil orders. However, he also said that technically ShopTo only asked people to register their interest, and then go into their pre-order section to confirm or remove their interest. Those who confirmed interest would then be given a pre-order. According to Igor people who did not confirm interest or had more than one order are being sent this email.

Sony has not really managed the pre-orders for the PS5 well. The company had stated it would give potential buyers plenty of time but then only notified about a day earlier they were going live, and did not give times or from which retailers the console would be available. Sony had apologised for the way pre-orders were handled but even the second batch of pre-order availability was not properly communicated.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. There’ll be a lot of disappointment folk not being able to get a PS5 on launch day, not just ShopTo customers. I was one of the lucky to got an email saying I will be getting one on launch day which I’m very grateful.

    • I received an email from them Monday confirming that i will be getting mine launch day 🙂

    • Ooops sorry Camdaz wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post my mistake lol

      • No worries, I’ve done it a few times myself, especially now that I use my tablet more than my pc.

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