Dauntless Strange Horizons Hunt Pass – Is the Elite Pass worth it?

There are no shortage of intriguing free-to-play video games, all vying for your precious times. Dauntless is by far one of the best out there and is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch – all linked via crossplay.

Often likened to Capcom’s Monster Hunter, Dauntless has team of up to 4 Slayers hunting deadly beasts known as Behemoths in fun boss battle-like fashion. The crux of the game is run these hunts over and over, farming resources to craft better weapons and gear while sharpening your skills.


After your first dozen or so Dauntless hunts you’ll start to encounter new characters and activities, revealing a more advanced layer of features that include the Hunt Pass.

What is the Dauntless Hunt Pass?

The Dauntless Hunt Pass is similar the kinds of Battle Pass we’ve seen in other online games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Dauntless developer, Phoenix Lab, runs live seasons that typically last several weeks and in this time players can unlock rewards via the Hunt Pass.

Think of it as a separate XP meter that gradually fills as you hunt, hand in quests, and complete bounties. Each Hunt Pass has 50 levels (or tiers) and is divided into two tracks – a free track available to all players, and a bonus Elite track along the top which can be purchased using 1000 Platinum.

When does the current Hunt Pass end?

The Daunltess Strange Horizons Hunt Pass initiated on September 17th and will end on October 22nd, 2020.

How do I level up the Hunt Pass?

Just about everything you do in Dauntless will level you towards a new Hunt Pass tier. Each time you earn 100 Hunt Pass XP this will unlock a new reward tier with 10XP given for each hunt, 100XP for each quest, and 20-100XP for completed bounties. You can also find 10 collectable pickups scattered around Ramgate that respawn every 24 hours, each one worth 5 Hunt Pass XP.

If you’ve already completed most of the main and side quests in Dauntless, you should focus on bounties. Choose bounties that align with your playstyle and goals such as completing X number of patrols, or hunting Behemoths of a certain element. You can only draft as many bounties as you have bounty tokens (don’t worry, these recharge on a timer). If you don’t like a particular bounty then you can expend a token to swap it for another.

Is the Dauntless Elite Hunt Pass worth it?

1000 Platinum will cost you around £7.99 which puts the Dauntless Elite Hunt Pass on par with most other passes in terms of pricing. If you manage to unlock all 50 reward tiers then you’ll find your inventory stashed with loads of new items and cosmetics. The Elite Hunt Pass for Strange Horizons will also pay back 950 Platinum, almost covering the cost of the next season.

There are a couple of other worthwhile bonuses veteran Slayers will want to make use of. Being an Elite Pass holder gives you two extra loot rolls at the end of each hunt while offering 50% boost to all Mastery experience earned.

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How do I claim Dauntless Hunt Pass rewards?

Hunt Pass rewards aren’t automatically added to your inventory. You’ll need to enter the menu, then go to the Hunt Pass to see what you’ve unlock. You can also pay a visit to Ramsgate stylist, Gregario Flynt to claim your rewards.

You can see what rewards are on offer for the current season pass by going to the official Hunt Pass page which include images and videos of each unlock.

Dauntless is currently available to download and play for free on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with a mobile version currently in the works.

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