Resident Evil 3 Remake October update adds more cosmetics and skills for Resistance

Capcom has released a brand new update for Resident Evil 3 Remake, with the bulk of the content for the multiplayer Resistance mode. This new update adds a number of new cosmetics. some new weapons, a new creature, and a number of new skill cards including the Decoy trap, a Shock trap, and a Flashbang mine. Along with that each character has had new skills added for them to utilise in the Resistance mode. You can read the full update notes below.

Resident Evil 3 Remake/Resistance October update patch notes

New features:



  • ・Added 5 new weapon skins.
  • ・Added 35 new Survivor skins.
  • ・Added 10 new Survivor gestures.
  • ・Added 30 new sprays.
  • ・Added 10 new creature skins.
  • ・Added 4 new zombie gestures.

Survivor Weapons

  • ・The new KASHIMA weapon can now be purchased from the Armory in all areas.
  • ・The new RAI-DEN weapon can now be purchased from the Armory in areas 2 and 3.


  • ・A new creature, the Ne-α, has been added. It can be spawned by using the new Ne-α skill card.

Skill Cards

  • ・Added the Decoy skill card.Places a harmless trap to trick Survivors.
  • ・Added the Shock Trap skill card.Places a trap that shocks nearby Survivors when triggered. Causes temporary paralysis.
  • ・Added the Flashbang Mine skill card.Places a trap that emits a blinding flash when triggered. Temporarily blinds nearby Survivors and blurs their vision afterwards.
  • ・Added the Enhancer – Invincible skill card.Equips a launcher which fires darts that grant creatures temporary invincibility.
  • ・Added the V-ACT Zombie skill card.Spawns a zombie buffed with Berserker, Regen, Energy Leech, and Infection. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.
  • ・Added the Reclamation Anchor skill card.Deploys a device which projects energy tethers to nearby creatures, recharging Bio Energy if they are killed. Lasts until disabled.
  • ・Added the Energy Leech Rifle skill card.Equips a rifle that deals a small amount of damage and recharges Bio Energy.
  • ・Added the Remote Regen Mod skill card.While in hand, restores a small amount of health to creatures when they are controlled.
  • ・Added the Remove Limiter skill card.Immediately decrease Ultimate Skill cooldown by a certain amount. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a long duration.
  • ・Added the Ne-α skill card.Spawns a Ne-α that has an auto targeting ranged attack. (controllable)
  • ・Added the Ne-α – Infectious skill card.Spawns a Ne-α that has an auto targeting ranged attack and emits infectious gas. (controllable)
  • ・Added the Barrier skill card.Raises a protective barrier in place that blocks all Survivor projectiles and firearm attacks except for the flamethrower.
  • ・Added the Supply Zombie skill card.Spawns a Supply Zombie that is immediately marked on the Survivors’ map. (controllable)
  • ・Added the Deception skill card.Makes all cameras look as if they are currently being used by the Mastermind.
  • ・Added the Umbrella Reserves skill card.When used, this card transforms into a random powerful skill card. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.

System Changes

  • ・Increased the Equipment Point limit for all characters (20→25)
  • ・Adjusted ranks at which additional skill cards are unlocked such that all skill cards are obtained by rank 20.


  • ・Added the new Ambush area 2 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns a zombie without expending any Bio Energy. (controllable)
  • ・Added the new Licker – Regen Aura area 3 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns a Licker with a regeneration aura that shares its buff effects.


  • ・Added the new Synchronize Mod area 2 exclusive card for Daniel.While in hand, up to 4 creatures in view will move in sync with the creature being controlled.
  • ・Added the new Remote Shell area 3 exclusive card for Daniel.Spawns a zombie with all creature buff effects and greatly increased attack power and health. Does not act unless controlled. Cannot be killed while inactive.
  • ・The Unnatural Selection skill variant now also increases damage dealt by the Ne-α’s Tentacle Spear.


  • ・Added the new Contagion area 2 exclusive card for Alex.Makes infected Survivors vomit. This deals damage, but also lowers their Infection Rate. Damage dealt scales with Infection Rate, but will not defeat Survivors.
  • ・Added the new Detonator Mod area 3 exclusive card for Alex.While in hand, all explosive traps detonate immediately after being spawned.


  • ・Added the new Omniscience area 2 exclusive card for Spencer.When used, this card transforms into a random Exclusive Card that belongs to another Mastermind.
  • ・Added the new Reroute area 3 exclusive card for Spencer.Switches out the active Bio Core. The cost of this card decreases as fewer Bio Cores remain.


  • ・Added the new Auto Shield Mod area 2 exclusive card for Nicholai.While in hand, newly equipped on-camera weapons will gain an electromagnetic shield for a set duration.
  • ・Added the new Tactical Shields area 3 exclusive card for Nicholai.All cameras gain an electromagnetic shield. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a set duration.
  • ・The Watchdog skill variant now includes the Ne-α amongst the creatures it can randomly deploy.

Adjustments and Fixes:


  • ・Lengthened the cooldown of Flash Baton’s “Shockwave” skill variant.
  • ・Resolved an issue where the damage reduction effects of Sapper’s “EOD Suit” skill variant would remain applied indefinitely if Martin was in the process of disarming a trap when the Survivors advanced to the next area.


  • ・Resolved an issue where the Tyrant would become unresponsive if attacked while performing certain actions.


  • ・Increased the rate at which cards’ Bio Energy cost decreases when using Bioactivation’s “Paracelsus Generator” skill variant.


  • ・Adjusted the odds at which various creatures are randomly spawned when using Firearms Specialist’s “Watchdog” skill variant.
  • ・Reduced the damage dealt by the Nemesis’s Exterminate ability when using Bioweapon: Nemesis’s “Extermination” skill variant.


  • ・Increased the ammo consumed per reloaded shot for the W-870.

System Changes

  • ・Resolved an issue where it was not possible to disarm traps placed on inclines and multi-leveled surfaces.
  • ・Other minor changes and adjustments.

Source: Capcom

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