Dead By Daylight update 2.04 improves graphics and Pyramid Head

It’s feels like a strange thing to be typing, but Pyramid Head – Silent Hill’s relentless, gore-soaked executioner – has been rebalanced in a video game update.

Changes made to the gaming horror icon are one of the highlights of the latest Dead By Daylight update which went live earlier today.


This brings the game up to version 4.3.0 which will display as 2.04 if you happen to be plugged into the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Dead By Daylight.

There’s a shopping list of changes to get through – developer Behaviour Interactive have a handy portal where you can view the latest patch, as per the system you’re playing on whether it be PC, Stadia, Switch, and more.

Pyramid Head has been simultaneously nerfed and buffed as part of this mid-chapter update. Behaviours Interactive note that players have had a hard time landing his special power while others have been winding it up, only to feint into a cheeky basic attack.

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Other changes include a visual update to improve the appearance of some assets and video effects.

Dead By Daylight recently entered it latest chapter “Descend Beyond” which introduced The Blight as a new playable killer. Looking further into the future, Behaviour have confirmed that players will get a free next-gen upgrade on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

We’ve listed the latest Dead By Daylight patch notes in full below. In the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming re-review of the game.

Dead By Daylight Update 2.04 Patch Notes


At the moment, the cost of missing a Punishment of the Damned attack is too high, and it’s too easy to fake Rites of Judgement into a basic attack. The following adjustments address these issues.

  • After cancelling Rites of Judgement:
  • Movement speed is 3.68 m/s for 1 second
  • Further attacks cannot be made for 1 second
  • Cooldown before further attacks after Punishment of the Damned reduced from 2.75 seconds to 2.25 seconds


  • Trail of Torment: Undetectable now lasts until the affected Generator stops regressing or a Survivor is injured or put into the dying state by any means
  • Forced Penance: Broken Status effect lasts 60/70/80 seconds
  • Blood Pact: Haste bonus is now 5%/6%/7%, and lasts until the Survivors are no longer within 16 meters of each other

Perk Updates:

  • Any Means Necessary now awards Bloodpoints when used, and its cooldown has been reduced to 100/80/60 seconds
  • For the People now awards Bloodpoints when used
  • Thanataphobia no longer affects healing speed, and its penalties have been increased to 4%/4.5%/5%
  • Mindbreaker’s effect now lasts 3/4/5 seconds
  • Cruel Limits’s range has been increased to 32 meters
  • Slippery Meat no longer affects Bear Trap escapes, and now increases hook escape attempt probabilities by 2%/3%/4%. These escape attempt percentages are additive, i.e. with this perk the chance of escaping the hook is now 6%/7%/8%
  • Discordance now has limited range of 32/64/96 meters. It triggers one loud noise for a Generator when it’s first marked. The aura of the Generator remains visible as long as the conditions are fulfilled. From the time the conditions are no longer fulfilled, the aura remains for another 8 seconds
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby now only affects healing and repairing skill checks
  • Technician now prevents all Generator explosions from missed skill checks. The Generator loses and additional 5%/4%/3% progress for missed skill checks
  • Pop Goes the Weasel now lasts 35/40/45 seconds
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever now increases healing speed by 100% when healing a Survivor in the dying state. Players now gain a token when rescuing a Survivor by stunning the Killer with a pallet or blinding them with a flashlight

Generator Terminology changes and clarifications:

  • A Generator losing progress over time is “regressing”
  • Putting a Generator into the regressing state is “damaging the Generator”
  • If a Generator loses some of its progress immediately, this is “losing progress”
  • A blocked Generator cannot change its progress
  • A blocked Generator retains its regression state, but no progress is lost until it is no longer blocked
  • A regressing Generator can lose progress due to other effects
  • e.g. a Generator affected by Ruin can still lose progress due to Surge
  • Surge, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Overcharge have had their text updated to reflect these changes

Visual Update:

  • Visual updates to maps in The MacMillan Estates Realm.
  • Visual update to Lockers.
  • Added Footstep VFX.
  • Visual update to all Blood VFX. On Screen Blood, Blood squirt on hit, Blood pool decals.
  • Updated VFX for Trapper, Wraith and Hillbilly.
  • Updated dissolve VFX in-game and in-lobbies.

4K UI Icons

  • Updated Character portraits and customization icons for better resolution at 4K. This may result in your custom icons being replaced when you update.

Perk rarity:

All perks now have the same rarity:

  • Tier 1: Uncommon
  • Tier 2: Rare
  • Tier 3: Very Rare



  • Disabled daily rituals screen and claiming while in Custom Game
  • Disabled audio sounds while being in the platform’s store after proceeding from the In-game Store
  • Added the player Cloud ID in the soft ban pop-up


  • Fixed an issue that might cause a survivor to remain in the being carried position after being hooked
  • Fixed an issue that might cause players to have less control on their character after being unhooked
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cursed effect to appear before any token is earned on the perk Hex: Huntress Lullaby
  • Fixed an issue that might cause Hex totems to appear as dull totems for some players
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Make Your Choice perk to override a survivor’s Calm Spirit while unhooking
  • Fixed an issue that caused failed skill check animations to continue after a player lets go of the interaction button
  • Fixed an issue that caused the survivor to hold the Deathslinger’s chain with one hand after holding and dropping an item
  • Fixed an issue that might cause players to receive the Torment effect at random times when playing against The Executioner
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivors in the Cage of Atonement not to cause instant death if the remaining survivors are in the struggle phase
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Oni’s Blood Orbs to spawn too far from survivors


  • The Killer will sometimes see an incorrect animation during the start of match camera pan.

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  1. I’m interested in this on Xbox but a) I generally do my gaming solo these days and b) I’m very late to the party. With the above in mind does it still have something to offer or should I give it a wide berth? Any comments welcome. Thanks.

    • I’ve been playing since it became free on ps plus maybe 3 years ago. It keeps getting better and improving with each update and the fun of ‘mind gaming’ a real person who is trying to kill you still hasn’t lost its fun. It has its problems like cross play pc advantage, slow lobbies and toxic players but once you get the first escape you are hooked’

    • Dead By Daylight now has crossplay enabled, so you’ll never struggle to find matches. Constant updates and new features keep it feeling fresh too.

      However, the gameplay and way matches are structured will be a turn-off for some players. It follows a bizarre 1v4 setup that takes some getting used to. When you start to peel back the layers and engage in mind games with your opponent(s), that’s when DBD finally clicks.

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