Football Manager 2021 new features previewed in latest trailer

A new, much quieter football season is upon us, and with it has come the usual array of yearly sports games – well, almost. FIFA 21 might have copied some of Football Manager’s homework, but that’s not stopped Sports Interactive from forging ahead with new features and gameplay changes to their popular management sim.

Coming out on 24th November for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, here’s a trailer for Football Manager 2021 and its new features:


The game promises more control than ever before in managing your team to championship after championship. There’s more analysis and information for you to pour over, while interactions with players and the media aim to be much truer to real life, right down to your body language. The overall game presentation has been revised as well as having new pre-match and post-match events.

You’ll also have more control over which players to target for transfers, and come the end of a season, you’ll get to decide how to celebrate any success you’ve had.

That’s all about the PC version of the game, but console players will also expect to see a number of tweaks and changes to the game. For the first time in a long time, Football Manager 21 will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. That version of the game is based on Football Manager Touch 21, though, which simplifies certain elements to be more… manageable on controller and touch screens. It’s also coming to PC, Switch and mobile devices on 24th November. And why not PlayStation? Well, Sony never sent them dev kits is why.

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