The Mandalorian Xbox controller is very expensive and it doesn’t have a share button

Microsoft’s cottage industry of limited edition Xbox controller has been going strong for the last few years, and their latest effort is one of the coolest and most likely to get fans throwing money at the screen, but there’s a catch. Actually, there might be a few catches for Star Wars and Xbox fans to consider while they’re reaching for their wallets.

The Mandalorian Xbox Controller & Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set is a neat looking tie in to the continuing adventures of The Madalorian TV show that took the world by storm with floods of Baby Yoda memes at the end of 2019. While the show’s second season will debut on 30th October, the controller will be released on 31st December.


The release date could be one catch, but the price could be another. This set will put you back an eye-watering £169.99. Sure, it’s a limited edition design, but a regular Xbox controller is priced at £54.99 and the charging stand with a battery is £39.99. That’s £75 for a fancy chrome paint job on a game pad.

Oh, and here’s the other catch: it’s not the new Xbox Series X|S pad, but the outgoing second generation Xbox One controller. While Microsoft have decided to let all Xbox One pads be forward compatible with Xbox Series X|S and next-gen games, the new pad has been subtly tweaked to better accommodate smaller hands, it’s got newly textured triggers, USB-C for cabled play and charging, and a Share button in the middle to make capturing screenshots and videos less awkward. You get none of that here.

So, the Mandalorian Xbox controller is coming months after the start of The Mandalorian Season 2, it’s crazy expensive, and it’s the old design? I don’t know about you, but I’d have other priorities when it comes to exceedingly expensive accessories at the start of the next generation.

Source: Microsoft

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