WRC 9 will be a PS5 launch title, but Xbox Series X|S players will have to wait for their upgrade

Nacon have confirmed that WRC 9 will be a PlayStation 5 launch title, with the PS5 release of the game and free upgrades from the PlayStation 4 release available on 12th and 19th November, depending on when the PS5 is launching in your region.

A new trailer has dropped, showcasing the PS5 is 4K and 60fps.


WRC 9 will arrive on PlayStation 5 with a number of improvements, but the biggest one on a technical level is that the console lets KT Racing target 60fps with a dynamic 4k resolution to improve visual clarity as you’re racing through each of the real world rallies it recreates. It will also feel different, thanks to the DualSense controller and its new haptic features. KT Racing note that the vibrations the DualSense is able to emit is able to give a different feel to asphalt, gravel and snow, as well as directional impacts, while the adaptive triggers can, for example, make acceleration harder when the car is damaged.

Benoit Clerc, Head of Publishing at Nacon said, “Like all gamers around the world, we couldn’t wait to try out the next generation of consoles. After many months of work, it’s an honour to be there on day one with one of our flagship titles. The possibilities offered by the new consoles have allowed us to take WRC 9 to a new and incredible level of performance and smooth gameplay, further demonstrating KT Racing’s expertise in racing simulations.”

One thing that hasn’t yet been cleared up is the what will happen to any career and player progression made in the jump from PS4 to PS5. Several games, such as Dirt 5 and Maneater, are not able to offer cross-gen save transfers on PlayStation, while offering that function via Xbox Smart Delivery. Sony have described this as “a developer decision.” We’ve asked Nacon for clarity on this matter.

We also don’t know when the Xbox Series X|S next-gen update will be released. This will arrive by way of Xbox Smart Delivery, though, again offering free upgrades.

Yesterday saw Nacon release the ‘Blind Jumps’ update for WRC 9 on current platforms, adding six new special stated to Neste Rally Finland, a new driver and a photo mode to the game. Further updates will bring additional stages for Rally Portugal, the co-op Co-driver mode, and more.

We rather enjoyed the game at its release in September. Tom said in our WRC 9 review:

With driving that is now on par with the competition, WRC 9 will keep sucking rally fans back in for more. Elements around the core rallying action could still do with some added finesse, but when the basic premise is so solid, those issues fade into the background. At last, Kylotonn has delivered on the promise of authentic driving experience, and for a rallying game, I think that is the single most important element.

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  1. Although I enjoyed the previous game I didn’t get this as l’m trying to finish as many of the games I’ve got before the PS5 release. But now I’m very tempted to get the next gen version, if only Polyphony would announce the release date for GT7….

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