Black Panther, War Machine & Ultron appear in Marvel’s Avengers leak – report

Marvel’s Avengers dataminers have reportedly come up with loads of new information after digging around the game’s latest build, revealing Black Panther, War Machine, Ultron, and more.

Dataminers “Miller” and “Iron Ninja Bat” have taken to Twitter to post their supposed findings, uploading text stripped from game files as well as artwork and assets.

Headlining these leaks is our first look at Black Panther as a playable hero in Marvel’s Avengers. Developer Crystal Dynamics had intended to reveal the Wakandan warrior in a recent War Table livestream though ultimately decided against it due to the recent death of Chadwick Boseman who played Black Panther in the MCU movies.

Although we don’t get to see him in action, the leaked artwork gives us a clear look at how Black Panther has been designed for Marvel’s Avengers. His suit is more armour-like and clunkier than other iterations of the character though it’s worth noting that all playable characters have access to multiple skins.

War Machine, or “that other Iron Man”, can also be seen with his shoulder mounted cannon.

This video posted by Miller lists everything discovered in the latest Avengers build. It’s all presented in one huge dump, most of it being in-game text and UI icons. Sifting through this mass of information we can see more items, missions, cosmetics, and characters appearing with a reference to Marvel supervillain, Ultron.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics who have yet to address the leak.

Fans are still waiting for confirmation as to when they can expect Kate Bishop and Hawkeye to arrive in-game as playable characters. The Kate Bishop content was originally meant to launch in October but has now been pushed though is still coming in 2020 according to Crystal Dynamics. Those waiting on next-gen upgrades for Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will have to wait until next year, the studio also confirmed.

Source: Twitter (Miller), Twitter (Iron Ninja Bat), Streamable

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