Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gadget upgrades guide

How to use Spidey's newest toys.

As if his newly acquired Venom Powers weren’t enough, in Spider-Man: Miles Morales our up and coming hero has a neat array of gadgets to lend him a hand.

Like Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles has a handful of high tech toys he can utilise in both combat and stealth scenarios.


Developer Insomniac Games haven’t given him the exact same arsenal of gadgets as his mentor, however. Naturally, Spidey still has access to his web shooters but now there are Holo-drones too, as well as Remote Mines and the Gravity Well. These replace Peter Parker’s Spider-Drone, Electric Web, Concussive Blast, and Suspense Matrix.

Using gadgets is just as straightforward in Spider-Man: Miles Morales as in the original game. By holding L2 you can aim then shoot your selected gadget with the R1 button. Tapping the R1 button will quickfire when not aiming (handy when caught in a fistfight) while holding it will pop open the gadgets wheel.

As you progress through the game, you will start to earn Activity Tokens and Tech Parts which can then be spent on upgrading these four gadgets. Note that the final upgrade for each gadget can only be unlocked by playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales in New Game+ mode.


Upgrade Cost Description
Increased Capacity ??? Increases max Web-Shooter ammo capacity by 2.
Improved Recharger Time 10 Activity Tokens Web-Shooter ammo refills faster.
Web Bomb 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts
Webbing a Venom Stunned enemy to the ground or wall turns the enemy into a web bomb that explodes, webbing nearby enemies.
Increased Capacity 2 New Game+ Increases max Web-Shooter ammo capacity by 2.


Upgrade Cost Description
Tough Drone 8 Activity Tokens Increases the damage done by a Holo-Drone.
Increased Capacity 10 Activity Tokens Increases the max Holo-Drone ammob capacity by 1.
Battery Life 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts Increases the amount of time that a Holo-Drone stays active.
Fatal Exception New Game+ Holo-Drone explodes when it deactivates, knocking enemies back.

Remote Mine

Upgrade Cost Description
Live Wire 8 Activity Tokens Increases the Remote Mine’s knockout capacity when attached to a fuse box from 3 to 4 enemies.
Increased Capacity 10 Activity Tokens Increases the max Remote Mine ammo capacity by 1.
Raw Energy 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts Increases the damage of Remote Mines.
Venom Recharger New Game+ Gain Venom when standing in a Remote Mine’s area of effect as it explodes.

Gravity Well

Upgrade Costs Description
Gravity Well 10 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts
Creates a Gravity Well that pulls enemies together, knocking them down and making them vulnerable to Venom attacks.
Increased Capacity 8 Activity Tokens Increases the max Gravity Well ammo capacity by 1.
Gravity Disarm 10 Activity Tokens Disarms enemies affected by a Gravity Well.
Gravity Boost 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts Gravity Well becomes strong enough to affect large enemies.
Gravity Reach New Game+ Increases the Gravity Well’s area of effect.

While it’s tempting to stick to melee combos and Miles’s bio-electric Venom attacks, make sure you use gadgets often as they can be a huge help in disorientating enemies and buying yourself some time. They all have their own uses though we found the Gravity Well to be a favourite, able to suck in entire groups of nearby foes, leaving them perfectly exposed to a Venom punch or slam follow-up.

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