Sony is reportedly banning people sharing access to the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5

Reports have come out of PlayStation 5 owners being banned for sharing and/or selling access to PlayStation Plus Collection via their shiny new consoles.

PlayStation Plus Collection is a fantastic bonus for those picking up the PS5, giving PlayStation Plus subscribers access to 20 PS4 games playable via backward compatibility.


It took all of 15 seconds for users to figure out that once you redeem those games via the PlayStation 5 home menu, they are attached to your account like any other PS Plus title and you can then go and play those games on any PlayStation 4. That also means that any account with a PS Plus subscription can be used with a PS5 to redeem those games, making away with hundreds of dollars worth of games.

Sony naturally haven’t taken too kindly to those who are abusing this promotional bonus, and especially not those who are seeking to profit from it, so they’re waving their ban hammer around for the most obvious offenders out there. If a PS5 sees dozens of users logged in on the same system, and from regions where the PS5 is not yet available, that’s an obvious red flag for Sony to investigate.

Reports are that the accounts most closely tied to the PS5s being used for account sharing are getting permanent bans, possibly locking the PS5s themselves, while the PS4 accounts are getting temporary bans of a couple of months.

I’m sure there’s someone somewhere in Sony’s creative department looking at resurrecting the classic “You wouldn’t steal a…” video for a new era.

You wouldn’t steal a handbag, would you?

PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection Games List

Game Name PS5 Enhanced? Release Date
Batman: Arkham Knight No 23/6/2015 Review
Battlefield 1 No 21/10/2016 Review
Bloodborne No 25/03/2015 Review
Call of Duty: Black Ops III No 06/11/2015 Review
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy No 30/06/2017 Review
Days Gone Yes 26/04/2019 Review
Detroit: Become Human No 25/5/2018 Review
Fallout 4 No 10/11/2015 Review
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition No 29/11/2016 Review
God of War Yes 20/04/2018 Review
Infamous: Second Son Yes 21/03/2014 Review
Monster Hunter: World No 26/01/2018 Review
Mortal Kombat X No 14/04/2015 Review
Persona 5 No 04/04/2017 Review
Ratchet and Clank No 20/04/2016 Review
Resident Evil 7 No 24/01/2017 Review
The Last Guardian Kind of 07/12/2016 Review
The Last of Us Remastered A little bit 30/07/2014 Review
Until Dawn No 26/08/2015 Review
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End No 10/05/2016 Review


Source: GameBraves via ResetEra

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  1. It could’ve been implemented a lot better really, permanent bans seems very harsh.

    • It’s people selling access to the PS+ collection to dozens of people. What would you expect Sony to do?

      It looks like it’s automatically happening when lots of accounts log in on a single PS5. And people allegedly selling access to 50 people. If the whole collection is worth over £700, that’s £35,000 worth of games being effectively stolen from Sony. A permanent ban of the PS5 being used seems to be getting off lightly, really. £35,000 of fraud, and making money from it?

      The people buying access seem to be getting a temporary ban, and should probably just shut up and learn a valuable lesson there.

      And anyone just doing it with a friends PS5? Probably nothing to worry about there. Technically, you’re probably not supposed to do it. But you can log in to your account on another console (the whole point of the primary PS4, and whatever it’s called on the PS5, is so you can do that). I doubt Sony will be too bothered by that, and there’s not much they can do to prove you’re abusing it in that case anyway. But it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything in that situation anyway.

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