Cyberpith 2077: Amazon fails again, delivers citrus fruit rather than Cyberpunk

At the time of the PS5’s launch, numerous Amazon customers found that their deliveries were either being marked as delivered, when no such thing had actually happened, or that their expensive console had been replaced with kitchen items, kitty litter and other random items.

The whole matter has put the reputation of Amazon’s delivery network at stake with the allegations suggesting issues that run through Amazon’s supply chain, both within their warehouses where items are picked and with their network of delivery drivers. Some people even went so far as to taking their home CCTV footage to the Amazon depot, speaking to the manager, and getting the driver fired by the company. Of course, that’s just one driver and there’s no official statement to explain what happened or how Amazon will ensure this doesn’t happen again…


…it’s happened again. 

A friend of one the TSA writers got in touch with him to show him his very shiny – and exclusive to Amazon – steel book edition of Cyberpunk 2077.

As you can see, Amazon have delivered a portion of dried citrus fruit, oranges to be specific. They are solely for use as decoration and meant to be used for Christmas wreaths so the poor Cyberpunk-free customer can’t even snack on the dried fruit while he waits for Amazon to sort it out the cock up.

We’ll flag this one up with the team at the BBC’s Watchdog TV show as they are already investigating all the missing PlayStation 5 consoles.

However, our unexpectedly citrus-rich chum may have dodged a bullet if they had ordered the current gen versions of the game as the frame rate is really quite low on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and there are complaints of game breaking bugs, crashes, and blurry graphics. These are all surprising given that game was made for PS4 and Xbox One, the next gen versions were just meant to add a little polish.

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