Tchia is a game where you can possess a coconut and explore a tropical open-world

Inspired by New Caledonia, Tchia is a wonderfully cute looking game set in a tropical open-world with a fascinating mixture of gameplay elements.

The game will be coming to PC via Steam and Google Stadia

The Pacific island of New Caledonia provides the game with a variety of landscapes, the cultures, music, languages and traditions which Tchia blend into a fictional world.

Just as interesting is the blend of gameplay. There’s Breath of the Wild-esque “climb everything” traversal and gliding, while you can sail a boat to cover longer distances. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to use the unique ability to possess any animal or object, whether it’s a small native rodent, a crab, or just zipping straight into a coconut and bouncing around.

There’s also a great looking Ukulele, which you can play with picking, strumming, bends and more. Unlockable melodies will then go on to affect the open world.

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