Endless Dungeon will test your mettle, coming to PC and consoles

Amplitude Studios has announced the newest entry for the Endless Universe, and that game is Endless Dungeon. Endless Dungeon is a roguelite game which will really test your skills of survival. The trailer makes it clear that you will die quite a lot as your squad journeys through an abandoned space station while protecting a crystal. There is an almost endless wave of monsters to fight through as you look for a way out. According to Amplitude this is and isn’t a sequel to Dungeon of the Endless.

Endless Dungeon will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch but there is no release window yet. Those who sign up to the Endless Dungeon mailing list will be given a free skin for when the game launches, though at the moment the skin will only be for the PC version of the game. At least for now is what Amplitude says. In our review for Dungeon of the Endless, Gareth wrote:

Dungeon of the Endless combines the roguelite and tower defence genres in a way that makes it deeper than the sum of its parts. It’s challenging, but rewarding, and if you’re a fan of the roguelite genre, then this is one of the most interesting ones from the last few years.
You can read the full Dungeon of the Endless review here.
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