Our Most Wanted Games of 2021 – 15 to 11

We’re quickly closing in on our top ten most wanted games of 2021 and there appears to have been a Japanese takeover. In today’s cluster of upcoming releases we have a mish mash of spin-offs and sequels with some familiar names nestled between some slightly more niche entries.

Here’s a handy set of links to the top 50 list so far, just in case you’ve missed out on anything:

15. Earth Defense Force 6

We have a sneaking suspicion as to which writers are responsible for EDF6 appearing so high on our coveted list. It just goes to show that, despite being unabashedly dumb and looking like a Fallout 3 mod, sometimes what a game truly needs is heart… and giant ants.


Announced earlier this year, we haven’t heard much from Earth Defense Force 6 since. It’s safe to assume from the early footage and screenshots shown that developer Sandlot will continue to dabble in the familiar with players roaming ruined cities as they gun down hordes of oversized creatures, just hopefully with a more rewarding multiplayer component this time.

14. Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 and its expansion release Persona 5 Royal rank among the best Japanese RPGs ever made. Although some will look at turn-based roleplaying games as old hat, no one can deny just how effortlessly stylish these entries in the long-running series are.

It’s no wonder that Atlus have been keen to expand the Persona 5 universe, this time teaming up with Omega Force. They’re well known around these parts as the developers behind Koei’s Warriors franchise and its myriad spin-offs and crossovers (such as Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity). Persona 5 Strikers adopts the same action-heavy combat as Joker and up to three party characters lay waste to hundreds of foes using a flashy flurry of attacks.

13. Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony Digital’s landmark racing series has traditionally been used to showcase each piece of PlayStation hardware, and Gran Turismo 7 is going to be no different.

Where Gran Turismo Sport took us in a different direction with a focus on esports and a live racing schedule, Gran Turismo 7 seems like it will bring us back on course with something a little more traditional. Expect lightning fast loading times and world-beating visuals, this sequel combining 4K, HDR, 60 FPS, and ray tracing with other PS5 hardware features for what Sony promises to be the ultimate driving sim.

12. Gotham Knights

Announced during 2020’s DC FanDome event, Batman fans finally got their first look at what comes next for Warner Bros. and their acclaimed Batman video game series. Although this latest title is being developed by WB Games Montreal, they stress that this isn’t part of the Batman Arkham universe.

Both the Caped Crusader and Commissioner Gordon have perished in the events leading up to Gotham Knights with the city in turmoil as gangs and supervillains rise up, including the elusive Court of Owls. In order to defeat this looming threat, we will see Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood team up in this comic-inspired action RPG. Hopefully we’ll still get a sprinkle of that Arkham DNA here, though we’re just as excited to see what multiplayer and a heavier focus on roleplaying mechanics can bring to the Batman universe. If you hate the idea of being forced into online co-op then don’t worry, Gotham Knights can be played solo.

11. No More Heroes III

Back by popular demand, Suda51 and Travis Touchdown are gearing up for the third main instalment in Grasshopper’s zany No More Heroes series.

Announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, No More Heroes III follows on from the previous game which launched more than ten years ago, raising the stakes significantly. The tongue-in-cheek threequel will see Travis put his skills as a trained assassin to the test once more as he goes up against a cabal of fighters plucked from the galaxy’s very best. Expect over-the-top action oozing with pop culture references and manic swordplay.

OK, time to slooooow thiiiiings doooooown a bit. As we step into the top 10, we’ll be tackling each game one by one as we lead up to picking out absolute most wanted game of 2021. What’ll it be?

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