Our Most Wanted Games of 2021 – #8 Dragon Age 4

It’s not exactly been a smooth ride for BioWare in recent years. The self-styled kings of western roleplaying games started the previous console generation strong with Dragon Age: Inquisition, but ultimately lost touch with fans following the back to back disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem.

While some relish in watching video game studios fall from grace, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a BioWare comeback, and hopefully Dragon Age 4 (or simply “Dragon Age”) can be the sequel to spearhead this movement.



EA and BioWare already have themselves a thriving fantasy universe to delve into and expand upon. We’d honestly love to see a follow-up to Inquisition, taking us on yet another adventure in Ferelden with a mix of new and returning characters, dialling up the ways we can outfit our parties and command them in the field of battle.

With EA avoiding the title “Dragon Age 4”, and instead simply calling this “Dragon Age”, this could mark a soft reboot for the franchise and one they hope will bring aboard a new audience. However, BioWare need to watch themselves here – fans are aching to see how certain storylines and characters will advance into this sequel – including The Inquisitor, naturally.

Whatever they have planned, it’s likely we won’t see the game in action until much later into 2021, much less see the game actually released. So far we’ve been fed concept art and teasers that are light on solid details – the game has been announced very early in development, just as Anthem and Andromeda were. At least we know who we’ll be going up against once Dragon Age 4 finally lands – an ancient threat known as the Dread Wolf.

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