Rust player count hits all-time high after Twitch boom

Rust has broken two major records after a recent surge in popularity. The ever-growing sandbox survival favourite hit a concurrent player count of 134,483 in the past 24-hours (via SteamDB) while racking up more than 1.2m Twitch viewers.


While Rust has always had an active player base since originally hitting Steam Early Access, 2021 has seen the number of average daily players start to skyrocket. It’s believed that this is due to a sudden spike in popularity among a number of high profile Twitch streamers.

The game itself, created by British developer Facepunch Studios, has always been an entertaining watch. Players are dropped into a sandbox where they must gather resources to survive, often forging alliances to build grand superstructures. Survivors can also engage in PvP combat with death resulting in the loss of valuable items and gear, making for tense/comical viewing as player factions clash and attempt to loot each other’s bases.

Rust originally launched on Steam way back in 2013 and is seen as one of the first major pioneers in the sandbox survival genre. It officially came out of early access in 2018 though is still only available on PC. The game is currently on sale via Steam with a 33% off discount.

Naturally, console gamers are keen to get in on the action too. Rust is currently being developed for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Facepunch Studios and Double Eleven though they have ran into difficulty. Originally, the console version was meant to launch in 2020 but has since been pushed back into this year though we don’t have a release date just yet.

Hopefully, with Rust now thrust back into the spotlight following this surge in popularity, we’ll hear more about a PS4/Xbox One port in the very near future.

Source: PCGamesN

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