Report: Sony to discontinue all but one PlayStation 4 model in Japan

Earlier this week an image on social media seemed to suggest that Sony were going to remove a number of PlayStation 4 units from sale and that has been confirmed by Japanese website Game Watch.

The PS4 Pro, and most versions of the PS4 slim including those available in white will be no longer be produced leaving just the standard jet black 500GB PS4 Slim on sale. So far this only seems to be for Japan, but no doubt Sony will start winding down the various PS4 models across the globe so their assembly lines can concentrate on making PlayStation 5 consoles which are in high demand.

The PlayStation 5 thrashed the initial two week sales of the PlayStation 4 meaning it not only became the biggest PlayStation console launch of all time, it was the biggest console launch of all time as well. Sony have said that they plan to continue that trend and outsell the 7.6 million PS4’s the shifted by the end of the first fiscal year the console was available. According to Jim Ryan, the first 12 hours of PS5 pre-order sales outstripped the sales of the PS4 in its first 12 weeks on sale.

The PS5 was made available to pre-order in mid September following Sony’s PS5 showcase. However, the company was criticised due to how it handled the pre-order process with little warning to consumers despite stating people would be given plenty of notice. Sony apologised but then did similar with the second wave of pre-orders.

It is claimed that multiple UK retailers will be getting more of the consoles in the next couple of days.

The @Ps5Instant stock tracker has tweeted “Currently EE & BT are expecting stock to arrive for orders on the 7th January. We’ll know for certain by Tuesday, if the stock hasn’t arrived by then, we could be waiting until the 12th & 14th for retailers to release stock.” They also say “ASDA said they expected stock as soon as Boxing day. But this can be as late as 2021 Jan 1st week.”

The Smyths website also states that the console is currently out of stock but they expect new stock this month.

Source: Game Watch

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