Monster Hunter Rise demo comes out tonight, new game details are revealed

Capcom has shared more Monster Hunter Rise details in a live presentation hosted by the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto. It covers some intel while also touching on the previously promised demo.

A demo including four Monster Hunter Rise quests is coming out tonight in the US, and overnight in the wee hours of 8th January in Europe. You can play them using all fourteen weapon types and on top of that they are playable in solo, local co-op, and online co-op. There are two hunts (one beginner, and one intermediate) as well as two training quests. Game features such as the new Wirebug and animal companions are included in the demo.


Update: We have clarified the launch time of the demo as best we can.

It’s worth noting that the free demo will only be available for a limited time. As stated above, will be made available in the early hours of 8th January, in Europe, but should be available tonight in the US. You’ll then have until 1st February to play, at which point it will be taken offline.

During the presentation, Capcom also showed off a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, revealing a slew of monsters (both new and old), locations, game features, and activities.

A lot of the footage depicted a snowy mountain biome which houses familiar foes such as the Khezu, Barioth, Lagobi, and Tigrex, as well as newcomer, Goss Harag.

The Goss Harag is a furry, fanged bear-like beast that can create ice blades to slash hunters.

We also got to see the new Wyvern Riding mechanic in action as well as a glimpse of another new wyvern type monster, the Mizutsune. This water element enemy can populate the battlefield with bubbles.

Like previous games in the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise has a flagship monster, the Magnamalo. Here we got see more of its attacks.

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2021 will see the launch of not one but two new games in the Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Rise is currently slated for March 26th and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – a sequel to the turn-based RPG, Monster Hunter Stories – is also due to launch this year for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

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