Dead By Daylight map, visual and gameplay updates detailed

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive have kicked off the new year with an overview of what fans can expect in the coming weeks and months for their macabre multiplayer hit.

An extensive blog posted over on the official Dead By Daylight website juggles a number of key topics including those long-awaited visual upgrades as well as some focused gameplay tweaks. Here’s a brief summary of everything they touched on.


With Dead By Daylight approaching its fifth anniversary, those rough edges it launched with back in 2016 are more prominent than ever. Behaviour Interactive have been actively combatting this, however, steadily wheeling out their graphical update to all versions of the game.

The January developer update outlines a refreshed look for the game’s HUD which presents in-game info a little cleaner. This is being paired with an animation upgrade for survivors which will make their movements appear more natural and dynamic.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding a graphics overhaul for more of Dead By Daylight’s maps. Both the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum and will receive a makeover in the near future – you can catch the latest concept art here.

Skill-based matchmaking will also be re-enabled in the near future. Behaviour have been testing their system to make it as fair as possible, previously using in-game rankings to influence matchmaking results. These ranking will be repurposed, rewarding players who hit high ranks with in-game currency.

Finally, The Clown killer will gain some viability in a future update, equipped with a new projectile that can be thrown to create clouds of speed-boosting gas. The fact that this can quicken both The Clown and any survivors within its proximity means it will require skill to use effectively.

Last year’s November update for Dead By Daylight introduced a new killer, The Twins.

Will Dead By Daylight get bots on PC & consoles?

We recently re-reviewed Dead By Daylight for 2020, bumping up its original score:

Dead By Daylight has evolved into somewhat of a phenomenon, proving that the often maligned games-as-a-service model produces more than just cookie cutter loot shooters. It’s still an acquired taste and a bit rough around the edges though stands out as one of the most unique ongoing multiplayer games of the generation.

Those who currently own a copy of Dead By Daylight on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade for free on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, carrying over their progress – here’s how.

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