Bowser’s a big problem in the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury gameplay reveal trailer

Nintendo have released a new trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, showing of two minutes of the game and the new content being added for the Nintendo Switch release. The game will be out on 12th February.

Giving us our first look at the new Bowser’s Fury content. In this mode, the world is all dark and stormy, with a gigantic Bowser wreaking havoc and a Super Saiyan Cat Mario. Check it out:


Bowser’s Fury seems to have two sides to it, first with Mario running around with Bowser Jr. by his side in what looks much more like traditional 3D platforming than the rather distant almost isometric view that Mario 3D World adopted. That’s followed by the world turning all stormy with the gigantic Bowser breathing beams of fire at you. The end goal seems to be turning yourself into a gigantic Cat Mario in order to take him on, though we’ve no idea what this kind of Kaiju showdown will look like just yet!

Bowser’s Fury is, of course, coming alongside the rest of Super Mario 3D World which first released for the Nintendo Wii U. It’s one of the most obvious Switch ports, and yet one that Nintendo have avoided for almost the first three years of their hybrid console’s life.

While not an all-time classic, and largely focussed on four player co-op play, Blair said in our Super Mario 3D World review:

“Super Mario 3D World is the game that the Wii U needs. It’s a perfect co-operative experience, which is even at times like Mario 64 in its design. For families, the difficulty curve is perfect, and the amount of new features on show is just enough to keep everyone happy without the game ever becoming repetitive. This leads you from start to finish on an adventure which constantly ramps up the excitement until the very end.”

Source: Nintendo

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