New Pokémon Snap will come out on Nintendo Switch in April

New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch will be out on 30th April, The Pokémon Company have announced today. It’s the follow up to the N64 classic Pokémon Snap, in which players are tasked with taking photos of all kinds of different Pokémon through a range of environments and settings.


Developed by Bandai Namco, the game obviously looks an awful lot better than the original N64 game, but with familiar on-the-rails (photo) shooter gameplay.

This game will take players to the Lental region with over 200 Pokémon to photograph while you also investigate the Illumina phenomenon, in which these Pokémon glow. An untamed archipelago, you’ll be travelling through everything from dense jungles to dry, dry deserts, with tons of wild Pokémon to try and find in each area.

Unlike in the original game, where you were travelling to Pokémon Island at Professor Oak’s request, Lental has its own Pokémon Prof, Pofessor Mirror. You’ll be heading out to explore in a safe automated travel pod, the NEO-ONE, and while any photo of a Pokémon is a good photo, Professor Mirror will evaluate your photos based on their poses, how large they appear, if they’re facing you and where they are in frame. You’ll be interacting with the Pokémon as well, throwing “fluffruit” to try and catch their attention and lure them into the perfect spot and pose as they seek a tasty little snack. Taking photos will then let you fill out your own Photodex, picking the best pics that you’ve snapped.

Honestly, it looks gorgeous and like a lovely and relaxed experience. There’s plenty of detail to the environments shown in the game and the Pokémon themselves look great, in addition to all their rather adorable behaviours and interactions. Here’s hoping it lives up to the 20 year legacy of the original!

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