Scott Pilgrim vs The World Guide – 9 essential tips & tricks

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game returns today on modern platforms and no doubt you’re eager to get to through the Toronto snow to The Rocket for that elusive Crash and the Boys gig.

It’s more difficult than your average beat em up game, so we’ve got you a whole bunch of tips to make sure you through the first couple of stages. In the meantime, you can check out our review for this hotly-anticipated re-release in which Scott Pilgrim bagged a mighty 9 out of 10.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Tips & Tricks

Collect EVERY Dollar

The money that pours out of enemies left and right is fundamentally important. It is needed to buy the food to restore health and Gut Points, also food and general items that permanently increase the stats for your character. You don’t lose your money even if you get a Game Over, and having funds when you reach shops can help you survive, so make sure you grab every single cent.

Jump Attacks are your friend

In the early parts of the game, before you level up enough to get all the cool attacks, jump attacks are definitely the strongest moves you have. Almost all enemies in the first couple of levels will predominantly attack from the ground giving you the advantage if you jump attack. Also, if you are dashing before the jump attack the range and height of the jump will greatly increase.

Look out for stars on walls/doors

As Scott Pilgrim is set in Toronto, there’s a lot the normal city nonsense you would expect like coffee shops and, erm, bus stops. But the thing you want to be looking for is the graffiti. This occasionally will be a star drawn on a door or a wall, which means a secret of some description. Make sure you check all these out for entrances to Subspace Highways and the like. Speaking of which …

Ride the Subspace Highway

These are so important! As mentioned earlier, money is needed for almost all progression in this game, and breaking the flying piggy banks in the Subspace Highway segments nets you a lot of that sweet moolah. Also, these bonus levels contain a lot of neat references to other games too, so are well worth finding for that reason alone.

Weapons are also your friend

Almost anything can be used as a weapon in Scott Pilgrim from baseballs and glass bottles, to trash bags and cases of money. Every time you see one, grab it because it will give you a power increase in encounters. Plus, as enemies can use them too, the more you pick up and use until they break, the less that can be used against you. Just be careful of weapons rebounding if you throw them.

Buy the Bionic Arm, trust me

Hidden behind a secret door in the first level is Wallace’s Mystery Shop. This store contains items that are far more expensive than others, so you won’t be able to afford this on your first or even second run of the stage. However, when you have $129.95, buy the Bionic Arm item from this store. It increases the Strength stat on your character by 50, which is huge in the early game.

Don’t fear the grind

As all of your money and any upgrades are tied to the character, there’s nothing wrong with repeating stages. In fact, it’s recommended to repeat levels – especially the first one – to stock up on vital stat boosts to get through those later levels. Also, as you get stronger you can blast through the opening stages with ease so use this time to get upgrades with little trouble.

It’s fun to cheat sometimes

Enter the following on the Start Screen: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. Just trust me here. 

Beating Evil Ex #1 – Matthew Patel

The first boss of Scott Pilgrim is the first actual test of your abilities and skills – if you don’t want any gameplay spoilers, look away now.

Matthew Patel starts off much like many of the enemies in the level before him, well, aside from the addition of an absurdly powerful hadouken attack, but this has a large enough wind-up that you can avoid it. The difficulty comes in when he summons his “demon hipster chicks”. 

He becomes invincible on their first appearance, and they merely float around him without attacking, but on their second, try to take them out first before focusing on him because they will pelt you with spells until they die. Otherwise, remember the tip I gave earlier that weapons are your friend because although the beer cups don’t damage him, they will stun him out of attacks, and the bar stools do both damage and stun.

That should get you to at least to the second level, if not, keep on trying because the more money you accumulate the closer you are to getting that next upgrade for your character (or following one of my tips and buying the Bionic Arm). Regardless, have a great time in Toronto, and be careful of the hipsters. Those guys are just dangerous.