The Dark Pictures: Little Hope update makes it so you won’t fall out of the world anymore

Several months after its release, Supermassive Games have released an update for their narrative horror game The Dark Pictures: LIttle Hope, hoping to smooth out some of the minor rough edges affecting some players.

The first official patch, it bumps the version number up to 1.04 on Steam, 1.05 on PlayStation and 1.0.05 on Xbox.

The general improvements look to improve character interactions and controls, and players with save data from Man of Medan will now have a different welcome from the Curator as well. However, the most entertaining bug fixed revolves around stopping the player from falling out of the world.

Personally, I’d have simply called that a feature, not a bug. I’m sure everyone has had a nightmare where they have the sensation of endlessly falling, so what would be more apt for a video game that seeks to tap into some of your more primal fears? Maybe Supermassive are just going to hold onto that one for a future VR project? Who knows!

Here’s the full patch notes:

  • General improvements to character-object interaction
  • General improvements to character controls
  • General multiplayer stability fixes
  • Additional missing audio in localized voice-over
  • Players with a save data for Man of Medan will be welcomed differently by the Curator
  • Fixes issues where the player appears to fall out of the world

We had a great time playing through this spooky tale last year, with Tuffcub writing in out Little Hope Review:

If there was ever a time to sit down with some friends and play a scary game, it’s Halloween 2020. Little Hope fits the bill perfectly. The annoyances found in Man of Medan have been almost completely removed leaving a spooky tale with jump scares to giggle about, heart racing action, and tonnes of atmosphere. For £25 Little Hope is an absolute steal and highly recommended.

Source: Bandai Namco

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