EPOS announce next generation of gaming audio headsets

This morning EPOS hosted their “Power of Audio” virtual media event, giving us a deep dive into what they are looking to achieve with their gaming range, and how decades of engineering experience is aiding them in this venture.


Of course, as part of the event, EPOS teased us with a look at what products they will be launching in the near future. They revealed to us their “next generation” gaming headset that will offer a “360 degree” upgrade as EPOS continue to pursue audio perfection, improving comfort, mic pickup, and of course, overall sound quality, as well sourcing the best build materials. They even teased the possibility of a removable boom arm.

Empowering content creators is another pillar of the EPOS future strategy, the company also unveiling a microphone built with video production/broadcasting in mind. Although we can’t share images, we can tell you this is embodies the signature EPOS approach to design aesthetic, compatible with desk stands and boom arms. It will also offer an accompanying app which will help streamers tailor their audio.

It’s no secret that audio can be just as effective at engaging players than cutting edge visuals and this is where EPOS are looking to innovate, deepening that sense of immersion through a growing arsenal of high-end headsets and other premium audio equipment.

Amidst a crash course on the science of human hearing EPOS VP of Research and Development, Jesper Kock, elaborated on the intensely technical design behind the EPOS range and its emphasis on perfect sound reproduction, spatial orientation, and eliminating noise disturbance.

Having sampled a handful of the latest headsets in the EPOS range, we can definitely vouch for their quality. We recently reviewed the EPOS GSP 370 wireless headset, the more robust EPOS GSP 670 wireless headset, and the EPOS GSP 300.

Each one has passed with flying colours and although they come at a slightly higher price than most gaming headsets, they definitely earn their reputation for being considered high-end from their comfort and sound quality down to their class-leading design and robust feature sets.

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