Kitaria Fables comes to PC and consoles this year

PQube has announced that its RPG and farming title Kitaria Fables will be released this year for PC, Switch, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox consoles. Along with this announcement a new trailer has been released to show one of the locations in the game. That location is Paw Village. The village is getting attacked by the local wildlife which is becoming more and more aggressive, ruining the peace of the little village.


Thunderbunn Farm in Paw Village will be the player’s main base, where a spot of farming is done as well as prepping for adventures. The player will also need to socialise with the other villagers by completing quests. That in turn offers rewards for players. Players will be spending a lot of time with the village’s local merchant Kiki, who will provide provisions for food to take on adventures as well as seeds to plant on the farm. The other character that will be a regular is Shamrock the blacksmith. Shamrock can provide melee weapons, ranged weapons, and spells.

Kitaria Fables is currently available to wishlist on Steam.

Source: Press Release

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