Dreams update 2.21 now live on PS4 and PS5

With the first anniversary of Media Molecule’s Dreams fast approaching, the UK-based developer has been tinkering away at a new game update. Available to download now on PS4 and PS5 (via backwards compatibility) Dreams update 2.21 is loaded with new features and more ways to explore its myriad of user-created content.


This latest patch doesn’t come tagged with any new creation tools and is mainly focused on helping players managing playlists and discovering content made by other Dreamers. Changes include a new message of the day feature as well grouped notifications, a “play later” button, and a revised social page for Dreamer profiles.

If you’re at all curious about Dreams and the creations its community have been working on over the past twelve months, make sure you tune into The Impys. Available to watch live via YouTube and Twitch, Media Molecule will be celebrating the artistry and ingenuity of their players. If you’re looking to load your Dreams playlist up with experiences to watch or play, it should be well worth a watch.

Here’s everything including in the Dreams 2.21 update:

Other Improvements

  • My Creations Search Filters: New filters have been added to My Creations to help creators more easily manage their local storage space.
  • System Background Music: Playing Dreams on PlayStation®5? You’ll now hear some Dreamiverse tunes playing when highlighting the game on your homescreen. A PlayStation®4 player? Scroll
  • down to the Activity area below Dreams to check this out.
  • Save Transfer Messaging: When switching to a new console, players will be reminded to transfer/copy over their Dreams save data.


  • Tidied up the button prompts around imps while DreamSurfing
  • Fixed some crashes that were occurring on certain creations
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Keyboard wouldn’t open
  • Fixed an issue where some creations in a Community Jam could not be played
  • Fixed an issue where UI to delete creations would not appear when local storage space was full

We scored the incredibly ambitious PlayStation exclusive a 9/10 in our Dreams review:

Taking Media Molecule’s creative ethos to new heights, Dreams is a PlayStation essential. Booting the game up each time and having no idea what awaits is an intoxicating feeling. A remedy, forcing me from the rut of my predictable gaming habits to explore an inner creativity I’m often too lazy or wound up to let free.

If there’s one game I feel guilty for not playing on a more regular basis, it’s Dreams. Hopefully, The Impys will help broadcast the jaw-dropping creations players have been working on and get more PlayStation fans involved.

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