The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles rated for Switch, PS4 & PC in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Digital Game Rating Committee has let slip about an upcoming release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. There’s no word on when the game will be released, but this is potentially great news for western fans of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series, who have been hoping to see more of the series’ Japan exclusive games head overseas.

The Great Ace Attorney originally released for the Nintendo 3DS in July 2015, with the follow up The Great Ace Attorney 2 coming out in August 2017, both well into the twilight years of Nintendo’s handheld. That’s sure to be a big part of why the games only released in Japan up until this point, with the 3DS most popular in Japan. The two games are now set to be combined in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and released for more contemporary platforms, similar to the 2019 release of Phoneix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has been rated for PS4, Switch & PC.

The Great Ace Attorney puts the series’ original star to one side, and steps back to the end of the 19th century – the Meiji Period in Japan and Victorian era in Britain. The game stars one of Phoenix Wright’s ancestors travelling to the UK alongside his student lawyer friend, hoping to become better acquainted with a more established judicial system, and finding himself getting wrapped up in the investigations of a somewhat hapless Sherlock Holmes.

The game follows on from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies in terms of visual style, with fully 3D environments and character models. There’s a similar split between investigation and court room battles, but instead of having one judge presiding over the trial, there’s a jury of six that deliberates, as previously seen in one case from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. You’ll have to convince them of a client’s innocence, but jurors can individually interrupt and declare a verdict throughout the case. Final closing arguments can be used to try and change their minds and try to get a majority in your favour.

It’s an interesting sounding shake up on the traditional Ace Attorney courtroom shenanigans, and we look forward to (hopefully) giving it a try sometime soon.

Source; Gematsu

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