No Man’s Sky Companions update lets you adopt alien pets!

Have you ever landed on a planet in No Man’s Sky and thought “Gee, I wish I could keep that barmy procedurally generated alien creature as a pet.”? Well, if you have, then the Companions update will be music to your ears. Out today, it lets you adopt pets, breed them, trade them, take them with you on your journeys and (perhaps best of all) ride giant creatures!


As with all No Man’s Sky updates, this is a completely free update and expansion to the game. The game is available and enhanced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, with support for PlayStation VR and PC VR systems.

What does No Man’s Sky Companions Update do?

The update lets you tame and adopt animals to be your companions on your intergalactic adventure, but don’t worry about having to make space for them in your space ship, as you can simply summon them wherever you land (even on the Space Anomaly).

Feeding them, playing with them and giving them attention like alien Tamagochi will bring practical benefits, as they will start to highlight resources and hazards for you, provide a source of light, hunt hostiles, locate buildings, dig up treasures, and can be equipped with their own mining lasers. Giant creatures can be harnessed as rideable beasts. Good space doggos/horsies/kitty cats, the lot of them.

You can now have up to six space pets in No Man’s Sky.

Each create will become a one-of-a-kind being, starting from their heredity, where they will inherit looks and traits from their parents – you can look after them well enough to lay tradeable eggs and spawn a new generation – gaining a personality that affects how they behave. If you ever want to know what they’re thinking, the new neural link will translate their thoughts and wishes.

You’ll be able to adopt up to six companions, who will be stored in the Companions Register until you want to summon them… or abandon them to make room…

The update also brings a smattering of UI tweaks, improvements to loading times on PlayStation 4 and more.

Here’s the full patch notes:

No Man's Sky Companions Update – Version 3.2


  • Creatures that have been fed can now be interacted with to access options for milking, riding and adoption.
  • Players may adopt up to six creatures at any one time. New companion slots are available to be purchased with nanites.
  • Your companions can be renamed, and then customised with a new range of accessories and decals.
  • Some accessories, such as the torch or mining lasers, will be used by your companion as they explore the planet.
  • Each companion has their own personality, which will influence how they behave and think. Some species are more likely to have certain traits than others, but each creature is unique.
  • The creature harness has a neural link with the Exosuit, enabling rudimentary translation of your new companion’s thoughts and wishes.
  • Companions will assist their owners during planetary exploration, but have needs of their own. They will periodically require food or attention if they are to thrive.
  • Companions will need to be cared for over a long period of time in order to win their trust.
  • While exploring, companions will assist their owners in a number of ways, including: scouting for resources and buildings; digging up minerals and special items; hunting other creatures; and marking hazards.
  • As well as acting on their own initiative, companions may be given specific instructions via gestures from the Quick Menu.
  • VR players can point directly to send their companion to a destination.


  • Creatures that have been well-cared for will lay eggs.
  • After a short time, creature eggs will hatch into a brand new creature, related to but distinct from the parent creature.
  • Baby creatures have different proportions from adult creatures and will grow to maturity over time.
  • Players may trade eggs from their prized companions with other players.
  • Creature eggs can be taken to the Egg Sequencer aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • The Egg Sequencer allows players to remix the genetic material of their growing eggs to produce unique, never-before-seen creatures.
  • Overdosing eggs in the Sequencer may cause dramatic creature reconfigurations…


  • New creature and companion-related titles have been added to the Appearance Modifier.
  • The construction cost of Creature Pellets has been increased.
  • The stack size of Creature Pellets has been increased.
  • Creatures no longer require advanced bait to unlock harvesting functions – any creature that has been fed may now be milked.
  • Giant creatures can now be ridden.
  • Creature locomotion animations have been improved.
  • The particle effects emanating from creature dung have been improved.
  • Discovered creatures now have a different shaped icon in the Analysis Visor, to better distinguish them from undiscovered creatures.
  • Creature icons in the Analysis visor have been offset to improve their appearance.


  • Players using a mouse and keyboard can now use hotkeys to directly select options in dialogue menus and interactions.
  • Players using a gamepad can now use the analogue sticks rather than the cursor to move between options in dialogue menus and interactions.


  • Warp and loading times on PS4 have been significantly improved.


  • Fixed an issue that caused freighter ‘wings’ to be hidden.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an invalid system/base to appear in the teleport destinations list.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the gloves to be out of focus in the Appearance Modifier.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players using Windows 10 to incorrectly report a network disconnect.
  • Autowalk is now cancelled automatically when the player manually moves forwards or backwards.
  • The creature feeding Nexus mission has been rebalanced to account for changes to the taming process.
  • Concrete base parts now require Silicate Powder rather than Carbon to build.
  • Fixed an issue in the Galaxy Map that caused the Distance To Core text to be vertically clipped, resulting in a comma that looked like a period.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to upload/download an excessive number of creative discoveries.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cronus’ food to have an extremely bright glow.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser to have an overly bright glow.
  • Fixed an issue that caused base specialist terminals to snap incorrectly in specific large rooms.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an increase in load times while attempting to download base data from other players.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect text to appear when harvesting food substances from some unusual creatures.
  • Fixed a VR issue that caused the Exosuit backpack to be invisible in the inventory if the player’s body was turned off.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the player weapons in VR.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect UI scaling in VR.
  • Fixed a VR issue that could cause UI screens to move while the UI was closing.
  • Fixed a rare hang that could occur when taking a screenshot in Photo Mode on PC.
  • Fixed a networking crash on Xbox platforms.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause very large save files to crash during loading on PS4.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the leader of a herd died.
  • Fixed a number of memory related crashes on PS5.
  • Fixed an audio related crash on PS5.
  • Fixed a rendering crash on PS5.
  • Fixed a crash related to the preview of summoned objects (eg starships).

Source: No Man’s Sky

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  1. I wish they’d make the PS5 version work on PSVR :(

    • I’m off to find an 8m high Dino and do some heavy petting.

    • The PS5 update to the PS4 version that lets it take advantage of all that extra power while still doing VR is pretty impressive. One of the first things I tried yesterday. Along with swearing at how long it takes to move a couple of terabytes of data off the PS4 onto a new external drive. And some USB confusion.

      Probably not as impressive as if the native PS5 version was running in VR, but good enough. Until it crashed.

      What isn’t impressive is the normal NMS thing of “Why has everyone else got while I’m still running around trying to gather a billion things to get ?”

      • That was supposed to be “Why has everyone else got *shiny new feature* while I’m still running around trying to gather a billion things to get *shiny new feature*?” but I put something else instead of *s and it got eaten.

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