Dirt 5 Energy DLC and free Playground update coming next week – here’s the patch notes

Codemasters are planning to drop a fresh new content update for Dirt 5 next week, with a mixture of paid DLC and the accompanying Update 3.00 bringing some free content to Playgrounds mode and the usual array of bug fixes. All of this will arrive for Dirt 5 across Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Monday 22nd February – this is just ahead of its addition to Xbox Game Pass on 25th February.

What’s in the Dirt 5 Energy Content Pack?

The Energy Content Pack promises new cars, new career events and new sponsors, and is available as a standalone DLC pack costing £9.99/€11.49/$12.49, or included in the Amplified Edition or Year One Upgrade.


The four new cars are:

  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S
  • Alpine A110 Sports X
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • GMC Sierra Pre-Runner

There’s a whopping 25 new career events which will be found in the new Energy chapter, two new sponsors – Xite and Mad-Croc – and new liveries, stickers, lanyards and more to earn through the career.

What’s coming in the free Dirt 5 Update 3.00?

Update 3.00 brings a bunch of free new content to the Playgrounds mode, with a new set of Junkyard Playgrounds items, including washing machines, sheds and finishing gates covered in flames. There’s even a big scrap-built dinosaur sculpture that will bring tears to the eyes of Scrapheap Challenge fans. There will also be a new Italy environment for you to build your custom creations in.

As well as this, there will be a set of new bespoke liveries for the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Ford RS200, some community-requested features like an increase to the Level cap, and a bunch of visual and technical fixes and improvements across the board.

Dirt 5 Update 3.00 full patch notes


  • Energy Content Pack (separate pack, included in Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade versions)
  • Junkyard Playgrounds Update – over 20 new themed Playgrounds items to use in Create mode
  • New official liveries: Ford RS200, Ford Escort ES Cosworth, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2
  • New Playground location: Italy
  • Level cap increase to 120


  • PS5: Fixes and improvements to address reports of frame rate drops and stutters in all visual modes
  • Further visual improvements in cockpit/interior camera views
  • Multiple display and UI fixes for split-screen events
  • Fixed instances of shadows appearing overly dark in specific conditions and locations
  • Fixed multiple instances of lighting and object pop-in during night conditions
  • PC: Mouse will now disappear from screen when game is running
  • PC: Fixes and improvements for players using AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Fixes for the under-ice lighting in selected Ice Breaker events
  • Fixes for instances of seams and flickers on Greece and China events when using the ‘Prioritise Frame Rate’ visual setting


  • Changes made to post-race flow to increase speed and remove waiting time
  • Fixed instances of ‘invisible’ walls or objects allowing players to ‘wall ride’ in certain areas of locations
  • Fixed instances of unclear ‘out of bounds’ sections forcing cars to reset in Brazil and Arizona
  • Further AI behaviour improvements in multiple events and modes
  • Xbox: Fixes for minor instances of rumble disappearing on Xbox One
  • Xbox: Fix for instances of crashes during Ice Breaker events
  • Xbox: Fixed instances of crashes on start screen for some Series X|S players with previous save data from Xbox One version
  • Xbox One: Fix for graphical corruption when accessing photo mode on Xbox One with ‘Prioritise Framerate’ setting


  • Updates to Career race objectives, including removal of ‘Dynamo’ objectives


  • Multiplayer playlist update – new race events available in online play including multi-class races
  • Ghosting and speed reduction system implemented when players hit walls at a designated excessive speed
  • Fixed inconsistencies between HUD timer and post-race leaderboard timings


  •  Improvements made to camera movement in Smash Attack events
  • Upon improving your time/score and then restarting an event, the correct and updated time/score will now always show in the HUD


  • PS5: Multiple fixes for Trophies not triggering as designed
  • Fixes for crash occurrences during boot on PS5
  • Addition of optional RaceNet signup/login and livery reward for sign-in
  • PS: Fixes instances of additional content being unable to select when playing offline
  • Fixes for multiple minor instances of soft locks on all platforms, occurring after races or when exiting an event
  • Resolved instances of players on PC and PS4 having to re-complete the EULA and tutorial race whenever they boot the game
  • Various fixes for issues occurring when using keyboard on PC
  • Logitech G920/G923: Clutch pedal can now be mapped to any input
  • Logitech G923/G27/G29: Players can now use the shift paddles in menus to navigate tabs
  • Pressing the PS or ‘Share’ buttons on a PS4/PS5 controller will now automatically pause the game during events
  • Improvements made to throttle, brake and steering saturation implementation on all supported wheels and platforms
  • Further support and input functionality for Thrustmaster T80, T300 and T500
  • Various visual and technical tweaks and updates across the board to improve game performance and quality of life

Dirt 5 launched in 2020 just ahead of the new generation of consoles, bringing a dose of arcade racing to owners of consoles new and old alike – there’s cross-buy and cross-gen upgrades to help everyone play the game at its best, not to mention enhancements for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

In our Dirt 5 review, Tom wrote:

DIRT 5 strips away the more serious elements of the franchise and puts all its eggs in one, arcade cabinet shaped, basket. At times a riot, in other areas a little repetitive and lacking in finesse, it nevertheless delivers on the concept of an adrenaline-fueled off-road racer. It’s a game that makes you sit forward in your seat and savour the joys of jumping a Dakar Rally Peugeot 3008 over a ravine.

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