Absolver developers Sloclap reveal Sifu for PS5, PS4, and PC

Sloclap have just revealed their next game, Sifu, a martial arts combat game. It is described as “an artful and true-to-combat Kung Fu game exploring themes of revenge and redemption.”


In Cantonese the title is pronounced like See-foo, but in Mandarin is sounds more like Sher-foo. The word means teacher or master, but being a Sifu means you have responsibility for your students.

Here’s more from the press release.

Featuring the gripping intensity of classic Kung Fu films with realistic and raw combat, Sifu tells the story of a young Kung Fu student who has spent their life training for a day of reckoning after the brutal murder of their entire family by a mysterious assassination squad. Hunt down the murderers one by one as you explore gang-ridden suburbs, hidden corners deep within the city, all the way to the cold hallways of corporate towers. Adaptation and careful positioning are the key to your survival and you must use everything at your disposal to succeed in your life’s mission.
Sifu’s unique gameplay sits in the crossroads of two established and popular genres, mashing the intensity and timeless thrill of beat em ups with the gripping design of 3D character action games. Set against a detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese city, you will uncover an ancient mystery via a series of difficult confrontations that will test your skills to their limit. To overcome the odds that are heavily stacked against you, you’ll need to rely on your mastery of Kung Fu, and on a magical pendant that will revive you after death. The cost of magic is dear, however, and you will age significantly every time you come back to life: time is the price you will pay for your revenge.

Sloclap’s previous game was Absolver which was given away as part of PlayStation Plus a while ago. “Absolver is superb yet flawed,” we said in our 7/10 review. “Sloclap have some really fun and innovative ideas though, for some reason, they’ve built a gorge between players and their game. Like digging for gold, if you want to get anything of value from Absolver then you’ll need to work hard and put in the time. Needless to say, those with a casual curiosity will likely find themselves completely turned off. “

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