Yakzua: Like a Dragon update 1.09 adds new language options

Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have released a new update for Yakuza: Like a Dragon which is now available to download and install. While you don’t need this latest patch in order to play the popular turn-based RPG, there may be some minor bug fixes in there to improve stability.


The patch notes for Yakuza: Like a Dragon update 1.09 patch notes are brief, revealing that additional language options have been added to the game. They read as follow:

General bug fixes – Added Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean as selectable text languages.

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In our Yakuza: Like a Dragon review, Thomas praised the series for taking a genuine gamble, breaking away from its 3D brawler roots:

Yakuza Like a Dragon is an enjoyable new twist on the series, although it’s not hard to imagine that many long-time fans of the series will be put off by its slow pace. In a day and age where video game companies rarely take risks, Like a Dragon is a refreshing change of pace for a series that risked starting to feel stale.

There has been no new Yakuza game announcements though a PS5 version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is expected to release in the near future.

That said, series producer Daisuke Sato recently stated that he’d like to localise Yakuza spin-offs Kenzan and Ishin. However, he says, these would need to be remakes and not straightforward remasters.

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