Deathloop’s time loop gameplay explained in this new trailer

Bethesda has released a quirky new video for their upcoming time loop assassination game, Deathloop. Featuring Game Director Dinga Bakaba, it gives us the skinny on just how the time loop works, who the Visionaries are, and how you’ll have to navigate the tangled web of opportunity, action and counteraction in order to kill all eight targets and break the loop.

Deathloop will be out exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC on 20th May. A timed exclusive period is in place, so expect the game to arrive on Xbox in 2022.


Essentially it’s a more murderous Groundhog Day, as you wake up on the shore of Blackreef at the start of the day, go about your business and then, whether you survive all the way to the end of the day or not, start all over again.

Your targets are the eight Visionaries; people of influence who have cooked up this time loop in order to live forever. In order to try and save their own skin, they’ve told all of the inhabitants of the island to try and kill you.

The key is to learn how what makes the island tick, with four periods through the day and four districts to acquaint yourself, piecing together how the Visionaries can be manipulated so that you can kill all eight of them before the day is out. You can take as much time (or as many loops) as you need to figure it out. While you might always be sent back to the start of the day, this isn’t a roguelike (so the island and its routine remains fixed each spawn), but you will be able to keep weaponry and upgrades between loops, including supernatural abilities like blink teleporting as you might be familiar with from Arkane’s hit series Dishonored.

It’s all looking rather slick and intriguing, especially when you factor in your antagonist assassin Julianna who hunts you and how this taps into a multiplayer mode.

The game was featured in last week’s State of Play stream with a new music trailer:

Originally planned for a late 2020 release (before the usual complications of 2020 saw it being pushed back to 2021), Deathloop is a timed exclusive to PlayStation, with publisher Bethesda having signed the exclusivity deal well before the Microsoft announced their deal to acquire Bethesda this summer. Of course, that won’t affect the timed exclusivity (unless Microsoft wanted to play way, way over the odds to get out of the contract), and Microsoft have been happy to buy game companies and let them complete their cross-platform projects with other developers.

Source: Bethesda

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