Rainbow Six Siege skins designed by Ikumi Nakamura sure are spooky

Ubisoft recently announced their plans for Rainbow Six Siege Year 6. As promised, these plans include a wardrobe of new Operator skins made in partnership with guest designers. The first of these skins are now available in-game as Rainbow Six Siege preps for Operation: Crimson Heist.

There are two bundles available: one for Korean attacker Dokkaebi, and one for Japanese defender Echo, both designed by Ikumi Nakamura. Formerly of Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within), she is perhaps best known for her energetic appearance during Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase where she presented upcoming PS5 exclusive, Ghostwire: Tokyo. Nakamura’s credits also include Okami and Bayonetta.

The two new Rainbow Six Siege cosmetic bundles include an outfit, headgear, weapon camo, and weapon charm. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get.

Echo Whisper Bundle

Dokkeabi Spirit Bundle

The two skins certainly have a horror/paranormal vibe to them. Although definitely “out there” we’ve seen plenty of bombastic Operator skins and cosmetics added to Rainbow Six Siege over its five year lifespan.

Ubisoft will be kicking off its first 2021 season for Rainbow Six Siege later this month. Here’s everything you can expect – we also have a deep dive right here.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 summary

  • New Operator: Flores
  • Map rework: Border
  • Match replay PC beta
  • Gonne-6 secondary weapon
  • Streamer mode
  • Year pass/battle pass changes
  • Operator price decreases

Ubisoft will be adding one new Operator per season and although they’ve yet to reveal all the details, we at least know which nationality these newcomers will fall under.

Season 2 will introduce an indigenous North American Operator from Nakoda, followed by a Croatian Operator for Season 3, and finally an Irish Operator for Season 4.

If you were hoping for new maps to be added to the current rotation then you’re fresh out of luck. Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 won’t feature any additional maps though Border, Favela, and Outback are all due to receive substantial reworks. Meanwhile, during Y6S3, Ubisoft plan to carry out some smaller upgrades and renovations to certain, unannounced maps.

Source: Twitter (@Rainbow6Game)

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