Song in the Smoke is a survival game for PSVR coming in 2021

Song in the Smoke has been announced for PlayStation VR, bringing the survival genre to the VR platform some time in 2021.


Song in the Smoke promises to immerse you in a VR world that’s as beautiful and stylised as it is deadly. As with the wider survival genre, you’ll have to craft, forage, hunt and fight wildlife in order to survive.

The game will be spent gathering materials in order to make tools that enable you to then craft weapons, clothing, construct shelter, and medicine. Once armed with primitive weapons like a club and a bow, you’ll be able to fight the strange beasts that maraud the land, as well as go hunting. Unfortunately for you, the greatest rewards will be found in the darkness, where predators (and more) lurk in the darkness and the dangers are at their highest.

Song in the Smoke is coming to PSVR in 2021.

It’s the second announcement in a string of new game announcements being made today, as Sony look to reaffirm their commitment to PlayStation VR as a platform. Of course, the ultimate commitment has already been made.The biggest VR announcement came last week when they confirmed that a PlayStation VR 2 headset was in development. It won’t be released any time in 2021, but VR fans have a whole new PS5-powered era of VR ahead of them.

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