Dead By Daylight adds new Trickster Killer in latest update

Dead By Daylight is gearing up to add yet another playable Killer to its ever-growing roster. After days of teasing their fog-braving fanbase, developer Behaviour Interactive unveiled their new K-pop inspired villain, The Trickster, as well as new Survivor, Yun-Jin Lee.


Both have been added the macabre multiplayer title via the latest Player Test Build update. PTB version 4.6.0 allows Dead By Daylight fans to get a hands-on preview with new content while also submitting feedback on gameplay balance changes, performance improvements etc. However, the rest of the DBD community shouldn’t have to wait too long for The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee to become available. For the full list of changes, the 4.6.0 patch notes are now available.

The Trickster is an accessible new Killer and one the devs are no doubt hoping will draw in a new clutch of fans as Dead By Daylight continues to extend its influence as one of the most viewed multiplayer games in circulation. Although classed as an easy tier Killer, it will take time for players to master his “Showstopper” power. The Trickster will enter the Fog with a finite number of throwing knives he can toss at unfortunate Survivors.

Landing enough hits in succession will damage/down a Survivor while also building The Trickster’s own Event meter. When full he’ll be able to unleash a temporary salvo of unlimited knives while negating a speed penalty when aiming.

Behaviour continue to flesh out their Dead By Daylight mythos, and have posted an in-depth delve in Yun-Jin Lee’s lore. A self-made K-pop producer who goes by the name Magnum Opus, she survives a fire at her studio which claims the lives of her best-selling band, NO SPIN. Well, nearly all of them. Band member Ji-Woon Hak survives though something has clearly changed within him. As the two survivors return to the music scene, they find a trail of murders in their wake and it doesn’t take Yun-Jin long to realise NO SPIN’s demise may not have been an accident after all…

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Dead By Daylight has evolved into somewhat of a phenomenon, proving that the often maligned games-as-a-service model produces more than just cookie cutter loot shooters. It’s still an acquired taste and a bit rough around the edges though stands out as one of the most unique ongoing multiplayer games of the generation.

Those who currently own a copy of Dead By Daylight on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade for free on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, carrying over their progress – here’s how.

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