Beat Saber update 1.38 adds new mods and multiplayer features

Beat Games have released their newest update for VR rhythm slash ’em up, Beat Saber, patching the popular game to version 1.38.


The developers have been periodically rolling out new updates for their virtual reality behemoth since the game launched, adding a variety of features and a recent suite of multiplayer options.

Beat Saber update 1.38 is now available to download on PlayStation platforms with a refresh of the game’s UI, improved multiplayer features, and new modifiers for players to experiment with. Check below for the full release notes.

Beat Saber Update 1.38 Patch Notes

  • New Multiplayer results screen
  • New Badges after playing a Multiplayer match
  • New gameplay Modifiers
  • New main menu UI with new music
  • Custom colors for other players in Multiplayer
  • Updated lighting system
  • Various tweaks and fixes

Additionally, Beat Games has shared the following fixes for the PS4 version.

All Platforms

  • New Modifiers
  • Updated Main Menu UI with new music

Oculus & Steam

  • Multiplayer Badges
  • New Multiplayer Results Screen & more!

Recent expansions to Beat Saber include new songs packs for Linkin Park and BTS with Beat Games promising more content in future.

As for PlayStation VR, Sony recently announced their “next generation” plans for the platform.

What’s new with PSVR 2?

On a base level, Sony SVP of Platform Planning & Management, Hideaki Nishino said they will “develop a next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input. It will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use, while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience.”

Compared to the clunky set up required for the original PSVR, with a processing breakout box that diverts a HDMI signal to the user, a single cord set up will dramatically simplify the chore of getting into VR on PlayStation. This will almost certainly be achieved using the USB-C port on the front of the PlayStation 5, a connector that was designed with mixed data and video output modes in mind.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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