Stellaris: Nemesis expansion launches in April

Stellaris: Nemesis, the next expansion to the popular interstellar grand strategy game, will be released for PC, Mac and Linux on 15th April, Paradox Interactive has announced. This expansion, more than any other before, puts the fate of the galaxy in your hands, letting you act to choose unity or actually become the endgame crisis that defines each playthrough of the game.


Nemesis will let you choose one of two paths as you come to the endgame, either embracing unity as a Galactic Custodian, or looking to tear things apart as a Menace. The former will focus on diplomacy, being granted emergency powers to combat the Crisis, and the latter on subterfuge, as your empire quickly unlocks powerful bonuses that will give you the edge as you seek to tip the balance of the galaxy.

Espionage is your key tool in covertly reaching a position of power, sending Envoys to lead Operations and counterintelligence in other empires, building up to let you pull off Sabotage Starbase, Acquire Assets or Steal Tech. Smear campaigns will even let you turn otherwise allied empires against one another.

As always, Stellaris Console Edition of the game will lag behind and receive Nemesis at some later date. However, there is something for you to check out, with the sapient rock species, the Lithoids, out for consoles on 25th March.

It’s going back a bit, but I reviewed Stellaris upon its release in 2016. It was, for me, a nice, enjoyable and accessible take on Paradox’s grand strategy. In our Stellaris review, I said:

Marrying Paradox’s particular brand of real time grand strategy to the familiarity of space and 4X empire building has worked wonders, making this the most welcoming and accessible of their games that I’ve played. There’s a few minor niggles, but it’s compelling and it’s easy to lose yourself in Stellaris for hours at a time, as you build your empire and explore both the galaxy and the stories that it can contain.

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