Devotion is now available to buy as Red Candle Games open storefront

Red Candle Games’ Devotion is now available to buy after the developer set up its own storefront. It has been a long road to release after Devotion fell foul of China censors due to containing a Winnie The Pooh poster comparing the character to Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is a long running comparison that has seen Winnie The Pooh be banned in China.


On Red Candle Games site, both Devotion and related horror title Detention are available to purchase DRM free. There is a bundle containing both Devotion and Detention plus their soundtracks for a promotional price of $33.56. The games are also available separately with Devotion priced at $20.68 and Detention priced at $17.08.

Devotion: A Brief History

Devotion was first released in 2019, with Taiwanese developer Red Candle having their game published by Chinese publisher Indievent. Unfortunately, it was rather short-lived as the game was pulled from Steam shortly after its release in February, and the Chinese government decided to remove Indievent’s business license. This was due to the Winnie The Pooh/Xi Jinping poster.

Red Candle Games went silent for several months, despite having made changes and apologised in the immediate wake of the incident.When it was discovered Indievent had lost its business license Red Candle returned to Twitter to issue a statement and shoulder the blame for the incident. They noted that the game would not be re-released in the near term future and that they were not taking any profits from the game during its short time on sale, with the hope that those who objected to the game’s unintentional use of a politically charged poster can eventually see the game in its original light.

Then in December 2020, Red Candle Games announced that Devotion would go on sale through, the storefront owned by CD Projekt. However, just mere hours before Devotion was due to go on sale GOG changed its mind. The company cited  “many messages from gamers”. Digging into the game’s troubled history, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this was GOG bowing to pressure, either from the Chinese government, Chinese gamers, or a combination of the two.

Red Candle Games has refused to give up getting Devotion to players, and if you’re curious you can go the the Red Candle store here.

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